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Gary~(a taiwan rov youtuber, good friend of sirenia)
i miss you so much
oh shit
Wrong call, i am calling your boyfriend
Kola(Gary's girlfreiend): why do you call me lol
I am sorry wrong callஇдஇ
Kola: Idiot lol
fuck why did i call Kola
i accidentally switch their namesஇдஇ
Raz solo lane
watch and learn
let me go to the toilet first
(39 played rounds, 46% win rate)
Gary: I think we already lose
Gary: no one have seen he played mage before...
Gary: Sirenia's Raz is shit
Gary: lets see how many times will he miss his fireball
Sirenia: Yo man~
Gary: yoyoyo lets get this shit going
Sirenia: what did you just say? people in my chat room are spamming
Gary: i say we have to trust sirenia's Raz(・ω´・ )
Sirenia: i only have 46% win rate lmao
(screams)i am so stronggg
Gary: i don't care about my rank already(・ω´・ )
Sirenia: who say my Raz sucks?
You guys are doomed
Gotta punch some enemies into the ground(・ω´・ )
Sirenia: wait why did i bring(teleport? idk the name)?
Sirenia:I feel so good right now
Gary: do you actually win against max?
Sirenia: of course
Sirenia: I play Raz like Superman
Sirenia: he is almost dying bro
Gary: wow you are so strong man(・ω´・ )
Sirenia: take the kill
Sirenia: who just say my raz sucks huh?
Gary: i told you guys already, you have to trust him
Sirenia: Gary's Tulen is real shit
(Gary got a kill)
Sirenia: Lets kick some ass
bro i am not lying
(dies and screams)
Sirenia: It doesn't go as i think
I thought i was Hanzo
Sirenia: I am so skillful at punching
That joker is nothing in my eyes
Wtf this dragon
Gary: they are coming
(miss punches)
Sirenia: lmao i miss it all
Sirenia: is it because i don't have the skin?
Gary: gogogogo
(miss x1)
(miss x2)
(miss x3)
(miss x4)
(miss x5)
(miss x6)
(miss x7)
Sirenia: i can't even hit a minion
Sirenia: At least i scared them
(miss x8)
Sirenia: i can't even hit that monkey...
(miss x9)
(miss x10)
Sirenia: not even a bird...
Right into the eye(miss x11)
(miss x12)
(miss x13)
Gary: (finally got a hit phew)
Sirenia: give me one more!
Sirenia: one more!
Gary: why suddenly so strong
(accidentally kills)
Sirenia: bro you can do this
Sirenia: i didn't even use my (teleport)
Suddenly realize lmao
Sirenia: 15% damage is this normal?
Gary: those air punches are not counted
Sirenia: at least we win
Legend of air punches(・ω´・ )


SMG Sirenia

1286 タグ追加 保存
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