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CARL AZUZ: I'm Carl Azuz.
Fridays are awesome.
This is "CNN 10."
And here's a down-the-middle explanation
of what's going on today.
Starting in the US capital, it looks
like another partial shutdown of the American government
won't happen, at least for the time being.
Congress and the president have come to an agreement on how
to fund the government in the days ahead,
which prevents the partial shutdown.
The one that took place in December and January
happened because Democrats and Republicans were divided
over government spending on a wall or barrier
between the US and Mexico.
President Donald Trump, who's said for years that a wall is
necessary to better protect America,
insisted that Congress approve $5.7 billion to pay for it.
Democrats have called a wall expensive and unnecessary.
And they insisted they would not approve the funding.
In the weeks since the shutdown ended,
lawmakers from both parties have been
trying to work out a compromise on government funding.
What they came up with includes more than $1.3 billion
to build new barriers on the border.
And last night, the White House said President Trump
wouldn't sign the legislation.
Because it falls well short of the $5.7 billion he wanted,
though, the White House said the president would declare
a separate national emergency to secure
the funding for the border.
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer
says declaring a national emergency
would be a lawless act.
The White House says it's prepared
for any legal challenges to the declaration,
so more partisan fighting could lie ahead.
And when we produced this show, nothing
had been finalized, though the House
and Senate were rushing to get the compromise
funding package approved.
Crossing the Atlantic, we're taking you
to Nigeria, a West African country
that is gearing up for a major presidential election
this Saturday.
We say major because the country has
both great importance to Africa and great
struggles to overcome.
Nigeria is officially a federal presidential republic.
It's the largest democracy and economy
on the African continent.
But according to the Brookings Institution,
a US-based research group, Nigeria also
has the world's highest number of people
living in extreme poverty.
It passed India in that ranking just last year.
Nigeria's also struggled with violence,
terrorism, and corruption.
And there are concerns about potential violence
damaging this election, though its votes
have smoothed out since 2007.
The world will be watching when Nigerians
go to the polls on the 16th.
STEPHANIE BUSARI: Nigeria is often described
as the "Giant of Africa."
It's the largest economy, the largest
oil producer, and the most populous
country in the continent.
All this should mean that life is good for Nigerians, right?
Well, not quite.
The constant complaint from citizens
is that the country's wealth just does not trickle down
to the average men and women, who are
struggling to make ends meet.
To make matters worse, Nigeria is
now the country with the most extremely
poor people in the world.
According to the World Poverty Clock,
there are now 87 million Nigerians living in extreme
poverty, which means they are surviving
on less than $2.00 a day.
How did it all go wrong?
The simple answer is that Nigeria's oil wealth has been
squandered, stolen, and grossly mismanaged through corruption
and sheer incompetence.
There's also been an overdependence on oil revenues,
which once traded at $100 a barrel and crashed to $40
at its lowest price.
Nigeria failed to make hay while the sun was shining.
And as oil prices fell, revenues dwindled.
Successive governments have promised to diversify
the economy into other areas.
But those indices have not really materialized.
And revenue is still largely dependent on oil.
Nigeria may be the biggest economy on the continent.
But it's in crisis, with high levels of debt
and massive overspending that analysts
say is just not sustainable.
With an estimated 190 million inhabitants,
Nigeria is also facing a population explosion
and has been projected to overtake
the US to become the world's third most
populous country by 2050.
This population boom brings with it a ticking time bomb
of unemployment and poverty, especially
among those who are under 25.
They make up more than 60% of society, one of the largest
youth populations in the world.
The lack of infrastructure, poor living conditions, inequality,
and lack of jobs has led to many frustrations
among this demographic.
And they are clamoring for real change.
When President Buhari, a former military ruler,
was elected in 2015, it was the first peaceful transition
of power in the country.
He promised to be a new broom, offering a clean sweep
of the old routine.
But many have been left disillusioned and angry
at the rising levels of inequality,
lack of opportunities, and extreme poverty.
CARL AZUZ: The technology company
Amazon has canceled plans to build
part of a second headquarters in New York City.
Its main campus is in Seattle, Washington.
About a year and a half ago, Amazon announced it would
build a second headquarters.
And more than 230 cities joined a competition
to be the site of it.
New York City and Crystal City, Virginia, were two of them.
Combined, they offered Amazon $2.8 billion
worth of incentives-- benefits like tax breaks.
And they became the two places Amazon chose
for its second headquarters.
Amazon was expected to eventually bring 25,000
high-paying jobs to each city and tens of billions
of dollars in new tax revenue.
But protests started in New York.
Residents didn't like their current tax dollars
being spent to attract Amazon.
And some were concerned that home prices would rise,
making them too expensive for people who already live there.
Amazon and several New York politicians
blamed each other for the reasons
why the project was canceled.
The company says it won't reopen its search for another campus
right now.
But the governor of New Jersey says
his state's open for business.
10-second trivia-- which of these NASA missions to Mars
was launched in 2003?
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Mars Exploration Rovers, Mars
Science Laboratory, or MAVEN?
The only one of these missions launched
that year was that of the Exploration
Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity.
The time for Opportunity on Mars is over.
But before that's taken out of context,
we're talking about a rover that's named Opportunity.
It was launched in July of 2003.
It landed on the red planet in early 2004.
It was part of a $1 billion mission that included
the other rover named Spirit.
That machine got stuck in the sand in 2011
and eventually stopped communicating with NASA.
Opportunity lasted until last June,
when its communications systems also went down.
NASA's tried to contact it hundreds of times.
But after the space agency's latest attempt wasn't answered
on Tuesday night, it said Opportunity's
mission was officially over.
Both rovers worked much longer than the 90 days
their mission had them officially listed for.
Scientists say Opportunity traveled 28 miles
over the rocky, sandy surface of Mars
and took more than 200,000 pictures.
They say it also found evidence that suggests ancient Mars once
had liquid water on it.
Even without Opportunity, NASA has
several other active missions around Mars.
One of them is the $2 and 1/2 billion
Curiosity mission, whose rover continues
to roam the red planet.
A lifelong baseball card collector recently visited
a shop in Nevada and saw this.
It's a 1921 Babe Ruth card.
It was listed for $8.00.
But because the shop owner thought it was a fake,
he sold it for $2.00.
Turns out it wasn't a fake.
It's apparently one of the rarest
baseball cards on the planet.
And the collector says he's gotten
three multi-million-dollar offers for it.
He says he doesn't want to sell it
but that he will give more money to the shop owner.
Now some may say to the collector, Sultan of "Swhat"
are you waiting for?
Don't you Bambi-know that card is a Colossus of Clout
and could give a "Big Bam" to your bank account?
But we can't rush to judge.
That would be a behemoth of a bust and a pretty "Ruth" thing
to do, anyway.
Yeah, Babe Ruth puns--
you know they're a hit!
"CNN 10" will be back next Tuesday.
We're off Monday for the President's Day holiday.
We'll see you right here on the 19th.


[CNN 10] February 15, 2019

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