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CARL AZUZ: "CNN 10" is taking
you from the Middle East

to South America
today, and exploring

subjects from international
relations to gold mining.

I'm Carl Azuz at the CNN Center.
Thank you for starting
off your week with us.

The first story concerns
Iran, a nation that

was known as Persia until 1979.
It used to be a
monarchy governed

by a Shah, a Persian King.
But 40 years ago, that
Shah was overthrown

and forced into exile.
And as a result of the
Iranian revolution,

the nation became a
theocratic republic with Islam

as its official religion.
One major reason why Iran has
been a rival of the United

States since around that time
is because the US supported

the Shah who was overthrown.
But there are other
reasons, including the fact

that the US, the United
Nations, and the European Union

say Iran is an official
sponsor of terrorism.

That's why they've
imposed sanctions

or penalties on Iran's economy.
As the Middle Eastern country
celebrates a revolution

milestone this
year, its military

is showing off a new
ballistic missile,

a weapon that is said to
be capable of traveling

more than 600 miles.
An Iranian military official
called the missile's

development an achievement.
But the country's missile
program concerns other nations

around the world,
including the US,

because Iran's
supreme leader has

called for the
destruction of Israel,

a US ally in the region.
from exile of Ayatollah

Khomeini in February,
1979, and the overthrow

of the US-backed Shah
marked the culmination

of the Islamic Revolution.
Businessman Abdul Kassem Shafei
says he organized opposition

groups in those days.
40 years later, he
believes the revolution

produced mixed results.

Religiously and ideologically,

the revolution achieved
its goals, he says.

But economically,
due to sanctions

and domestic
mismanagement, we have

not yet reached those goals.
The Islamic Revolution also
an uprising against America's

support for the Shah.
In late 1979, Iranian students
stormed the US embassy

in Tehran, capturing and holding
hostage more than 50 Americans

from more than 400 days.
US-Iranian relations
have never recovered.

Hardliners still chanting death
to America at Friday prayers,

even though Iran's supreme
leader recently tried

to tone down the rhetoric.

something clear for US leaders,

he said.
Death to America means
death to American rulers.

We have no problems with
the American people.

The Trump White House is
cracking down on Iran,

pulling the US out of a nuclear
deal signed by the Obama

administration, and hitting
the country with sanctions

that are crippling its
economy, and causing

its currency to plummet.
The US says Iran is
a threat to Israel

and America's allies
in the Middle East,

and lashed out at Iran's
ballistic missile program.

Iran's answer-- a defense
expo praising the rockets.

Iran shows no signs
of bowing to American

and international pressure.
The country says
it will continue

to develop its ballistic
missile program, which it says

is solely for defense purposes.
For the first
time, Iran recently

released video of one of
its underground missile

assembly facilities.
40 years after the beginning
of the Islamic Revolution,

the confrontation between
the US and Iran continues.

Fred Pleitgen, CNN, Tehran.
CARL AZUZ: Second stop this
Tuesday is in South America.

We've told you how a collapsing
economy is leaving many people

in Venezuela hungry
and unable to get

the hygienic and medical
supplies they need.

Well, help is
flowing to Venezuela

from nations around the world.
But some of it at least has
been stopped at the country's

western border with Colombia.
Beginning last Friday, two
truckloads of food and medicine

from the United States
were prevented from rolling

onto Venezuelan soil.
The country's president,
Nicolas Maduro, said, quote,

"we are not beggars."
And he added that
the humanitarian aid

is intended to humiliate
Venezuela and justify

military aggression.
Analysts say it's possible
that the government's afraid

that the supplies could
be used as a cover

for an invasion of Venezuela.
But Juan Guaido,
who declared himself

the new Venezuelan
president in January,

said the aid would be let
in, because it's about saving

lives, and that the
officials who block it

are keeping medicines and
food from people in need.

As inflation in Venezuela spins
out of control, with prices

for everyday items soaring
beyond what residents can pay,

countries like
Canada and Germany

have pledged millions
of dollars to help.

What's unclear is
whether the Maduro

administration will accept it.
10 second trivia!
Which of these countries
uses a currency

called the nuevo sol, Chile,
Peru, Argentina, or Brazil?

The nuevo sol is the
currency in the South

American nation of Peru.
The nuevo sol has also been
a relatively stable currency

over the past 10 years.
It's a reflection of
Peru's strong economy, one

of the best in Latin America.
But though the
country's poverty rate

has decreased substantially,
it's still around 22%,

meaning over a fifth of the
nation's 31 million people

live below the poverty line.
That's part of the reason
why illegal gold mining has

skyrocketed Peru is a
major producer of gold,

and a lot of the mining there
is allowed by the government.

But the kind that's not
allowed takes only a few hours

for someone to learn how to do.
It can bring them cash quickly.
It's made gold Peru's most
valuable illegal export,

and the rainforest
is paying the price.

illicit two-wheeled taxi

service is known as Los Tigres.
My driver, one of the
thousands of young men

who have come from
all over Peru,

lured by an operation
that could net $100 a day

or get them killed.
We ride for 20 minutes before
the lush green begins to thin.

The jungle floor turns to sand.
A half mile further, and
the rainforest is gone.

It's like we've entered a
completely different ecosystem.

From jungle the desert
in a matter of feet.

- Oh, this didn't exist.
These lakes didn't exist.
Nothing did, it was just flat
forest that we went through.

This is all man-made.
BILL WEIR: Wow, oh my god!
Oh my god!
And these are all
toxic pools now?

- This is all mining pits
that are filled in after it's

been abandoned with rainwater.
BILL WEIR: They use
an old, brutal method,

merciless on the land,
cutting down trees,

blasting river banks with
diesel-powered firehoses,

creating a slurry that
gets sifted until--

eureka-- a tiny flake of gold.
Since this land only holds
two grams of precious metal

per ton of mud, mercury
is needed to pull

the gold from the sludge.
And what effect
does that mercury

have on the living things
here, including the people?

- Well, it's magic for
the mining process,

but it's poison for
everything else.

Kentucky Derby is said

to be the oldest
continuously held

major sporting event in the US.
The first race was run in 1875.
For the second-oldest
sporting event,

you have to trade in
your horse for a dog.

CNN recently visited
the Westminster Kennel

Club dog show, which
started over the weekend

in New York City.
- Every February, the dogs
descend upon Manhattan,

and it's for the 142nd
annual Westminster

Kennel Club dog show.
We have over 3,200
dogs coming this year.

- This is the meet the breeds.
- His name is Teddy.
- This is Papa Chew Dallas.
- This is a fun time, you
know, just to get out and teach

people about the breed.
- And I really like learning
about different breeds of dogs.

- We have a boxer kissing
booth, because why not?

There you go!
- You have the
fifth annual Masters

Agility Championship going on.
- This is my first
time I ever been.

- Yes, Curly, go,
go, go, go, go, go!

- I've been watching them on TV.
And it's just so exciting
to see it in person.

- This show is
the second-longest

continuously held sporting
event in the United States.

And the reason it's been
able to maintain that

is the fact that
it's about dogs.

- I mean, man's best friend.
What can't you not
like about them?

will win Best in Show?

Will a Doberman pinsch the lead?
Will judges be brought
to their Pyrenees?

Are spotted dogs
worth a dalmention,

or does it take a toy to
Chihuawalk away with victory?

You can greyhound us
about this all you want,

but if you're wondering
Weimeraren't we telling you,

it's because results haven't
been pointed out yet.

Those will be
settled on Tuesday.

Just didn't want
you to think we were

being Malamute on the subject.
I'm Corgill Azuz, and we'll
springer back with more for you



[CNN 10] February 11, 2019

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