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♫ Back to the fairytale, back to the show ♫
♫ Back to the wall and there's nowhere to go ♫
♫ Hopeless and desperate, all paths adverse ♫
♫ Things looking bleak, and they're bound to get worse ♫
♫ Helpless and doomed, and there's no way to win ♫
♫ Goals unachievable, faith running thin ♫
♫ Lost and forlorn, impossible odds ♫
♫ That's when you'll learn you've been messing with gods! ♫
♫ Send in your grimm, tear off my limb ♫
♫ Strike me with bolts of lightning ♫
♫ I won't die ♫
♫ The battle seems unwinnable, but all we need's a miracle ♫
♫ We're going up we'll never be denied! ♫
♫ Can't wish away the dismal days ♫
♫ Can't bring back what is gone ♫
♫ Won't waste more tears on yesteryears ♫
♫ Instead we'll carry on ♫
♫ We'll win, we're sure we will endure ♫
♫ And though our goal is far ♫
♫ We'll be the ones to touch the sun ♫
♫ The Triumph will be ours! ♫
Officer: Cease fire, immediately!
Bunny Faunus: Thank you.
Adam: I'm going to make you regret ever coming back.
Blake: More police are on their way, Adam.
Huntsmen too.
Adam: Still too afraid to face me on your own.
Blake: I'm here for Haven,
not you.
Adam: You are still afraid, and you should be.
I've made powerful friends while you've been away.
Sun: Oh yeah?
Adam: Tell me,
...does Blake make all of her classmates fight for her?
Sun: Nah, it's a volunteer gig.
I'm just sayin', for someone who claims to have such great friends,
…there doesn't seem to be a lot of people here willing to fight for you.
Blake: You can try and make me regret coming here, Adam,
…but honestly…
I've got more important things to deal with.
Sun, wait!
Sun: But he's getting away! We could take him!
Blake: No.
We can't.
He wants to lure us away so he can pick us off.
We need to protect the school and the people here.
…now he can see what it feels like to run away.
Thank you.
Sun: Eh, we all need help sometimes.
I think there's a few people who could use yours.
Blake: Be careful.
Sun: No promises.
Jaune: You guys okay?
Ren: Surviving…
Nora: I don't know how that big guy is still standing.
He recharges his Aura faster than I've ever seen!
Qrow: He's sheer willpower.
Oscar: We just need to get him to his limit!
Blake: Are you hurt?
Weiss: N- No! I just remembered you being more of the quiet one.
Blake: Not today.
Weiss: Alright. W- what's the plan, Ruby?
Mercury: You've gotta be kidding me…
Ruby: "Checkmate"!
Raven: I warned you, Yang.
I gave you every opportunity to walk away from Qrow and Oz.
So you can believe me when I say this wasn't personal.
Yang: You opened the vault.
Raven: Thanks to the chaos you and your friends caused upstairs.
I knew you could handle it.
You're my daughter after all.
Yang: Qrow and Oz told me how the Maiden powers are transferred. The girl you found…
she would've had to have trusted you if you were in her final thoughts
cared about you a lot.
Raven: I'm sure they told you plenty, and you just sat and obeyed.
Yang: No,
I'm starting to ask questions like you said.
So tell me,
...what happened to the last Spring Maiden?
Did she die in battle?
Was it sickness?
Raven: What does it matter to you?
Yang: I can already see the answer.
It's all over your face.
How could you?!
She was scared when we found her! Weak.
Raven: No matter how much training I put her through, she never learned!
She wasn't cut out for this world! And with those powers, she would've been hunted her entire life!
What I did
Yang: Wasn't personal
Raven: It was mercy!
Yang: Which is it, mom?
Are you merciful,
...or are you a survivor?
Did you let me walk into that trap because you knew I could handle it, or because if many could get what you wanted?!
Raven: It's not that simple.
You don't know me, you don't know what I've been through, the choices I've had to make!
Yang: You're right.
I don't know you.
I only know the Raven dad told me about.
She was troubled, and complicated,
but she fought for what she believed in, whether it was her team or her tribe!
Did you kill her too?
Raven: I've stared death in the face over and over again!
And every time I've spat in that face and survived, because I'm strong enough to do what others won't!
Yang: Oh, shut up!
You don't know the first thing about strength!
You turn your back on people, you run away when things get too hard, you put others in harm's way instead of yourself!
You might be powerful,
but that doesn't make you strong.
Yang: Yeah,
I'm scared.
But I'm still standing here!
I'm not like you,
I won't run.
Which is why you're going to give me the Relic.
Raven: And why would I
And if you thought having Maiden powers put a target on your back,
imagine what she'll do when she finds out you have a Relic.
She'll come after you with everything she has.
Or she can come after me.
And I'll be standing there,...
...waiting for her.
Raven: You don't want to do this, Yang.
Yang: Nope.
But I'm gonna do it anyway.
Raven: I...
I'm sorry…
Yang: Yeah…
Me too.
Salem: And where might you be going?
Lionheart: Uh, your grace!
I was just looking for something.
Salem: Leonardo,
do you have something you wish to tell me?
Leonardo: It was Cinder! She altered the plan! Huntsmen showed up here! Qrow!
Several students, one with the Silver Eyes!
The White Fang attack, it was stopped!
I don't know that they'll be able to recover the Relic…
Your grace, I can still be of assistance!
If I leave now, I-- I can avoid the authorities and come find you,
I'll do whatever it takes!
Your grace?
Please, ma'am!
I'll do anything!
I can still be useful!
Salem: Coward…
Ruby: That's enough!
Just give up.
Emerald: It's not over!
Cinder will come back, she'll have the Relic, and she'll stop all of you!
She won't let us down.
Ruby: Yang…
*Emerald drops her guns and falls to the ground*
Emerald: *Pant* *Pant* *Pant*
Mercury: Emerald, get up, we need to go.
Emerald: *Pant* *Pant* *Pant*
Mercury: Emerald!
Emerald: *Hyperventilating*
Blake: Wha-
What was that?
Ozpin: An illusion.
But an accurate one.
…was Salem.
Kali: The police rounded up the remaining White Fang members.
Haven is safe.
Ghira: Unfortunately, it appears that Adam escaped.
Ilia: It's okay.
He was the only one to escape tonight.
Those in the White Fang that followed him?
Won't support a leader that abandons his people.
He won't have their help after this.
He'll have no one at all.
And the White Fang will be left divided.
Ghira: We've been fighting amongst ourselves for too long.
Perhaps it's time for a new brotherhood.
A new family for Faunus truly working towards a better world.
Kali: And they'll need a new leader.
Sun: Uh?
Qrow: What happened?
Raven: I don't know exactly.
When I got down there, Cinder was gone,
and Vernal was dead.
Qrow: And Raven?
Yang: Gone.
Qrow: Well,
we're all glad your still here, firecracker.
Weiss: Are you okay?
Ruby: ah
I feel like I should be asking you guys.
So Blake,
...what're you doing here?
Blake: I...
I was gonna ask you three the same thing.
Ruby: That's…
...a looong story.
Blake: Well…
I'm not going anywhere.
That's all that matters.
That we're all here together.
♫ You're lost ♫
♫ You're found ♫
♫ You're hard to pin down ♫
Yang: Yeah
♫ I'll never know if you'll come through ♫
♫ Then you appear ♫
♫ Together we're here ♫
♫ And that's all that matters ♫
♫ Somehow ♫
Qrow: I don't know how, but we did it, Oz.
I don't know how, but we did it, Oz.
You okay?
Oscar: I'm alright.
Qrow: Kid?
Oscar: He's resting.
Too much energy fighting.
Qrow: Hey, wizard, don't strain yourself!
Oscar: No!
He had… a message…
We must…
get the lamp to…
Are you running an op?
– You said to go to field trials.
– I didn't say to drop him in the middle of a city!
– You said to go to field trials.

As soon as they figure out what he is they will come hunting.
For him and for you.
Given what we're seeing here I believe you can stop worrying about Chase so much.
No, I think I'll keep worrying about him a little longer.
How's he holding up?
Still adjusting. But full of surprises.
We were very lucky to find him.
He wasn't, but-
How about the others? How is recruiting?
Problematic. There are some possibilities, but we may need to be more flexible on the subject.
These are the only matches?
They'll have to do, won't they?
I don't see how we're going to turn this around.
Oh, don't give up hope yet.
We're just getting started.


RWBY Volume 5: Chapter 14 - Haven's Fate | Rooster Teeth

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