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-I wanted to quickly say how nice it was
that you and Liam Hemsworth donated $500,000 to Malibu,
to the fires that's happening, the wildfires in Malibu.
[ Cheers and applause ] The Malibu Foundation.
-Yes. -The Malibu Foundation.
I know you were affected by that,
and you're a very big part of that community.
-Yeah, you know, something that I feel like
I've always kind of experienced is --
it's really hard to relate with people in my life sometimes
because I live such a different lifestyle.
And now the community that I have
and the friends that I've been able to make
through this experience and become a more active member
of my community, become a real neighbor,
which is getting to just share these type of experiences
with the people in my community and realize how amazing
Malibu really is, because, not just me,
but everyone has really come together
to rebuild such a magical place.
Obviously, I love it so much.
I was here on your show before, singing how much I love it
and how much it's changed my life.
And I've always said I think everyone
can find their own Malibu.
It's just a place that you feel safe and feel at home.
And to have that taken away is really shocking and devastating,
but the things that I've learned from this experience,
it definitely doesn't make -- You know, when you remember
things that you loved and lost, whether it's photos
or old Elvis records or something my dad's given me,
it doesn't make it easier,
but being able to go back and rebuild this together,
you know, be stronger together, really get to live that out,
it's given a really beautiful light
at the end of something pretty dark.
-Could you even check on your -- [ Applause ]
-Thank you.
-Could you even check on your house when it was all happening?
-No. No one actually could get to their houses.
I was actually in South Africa and not being able to be there
and not being able to make sure my animals
and all my living things were safe.
And Liam was an amazing hero.
He got out all the horses, the pigs, seven dogs, four cats.
His truck was like -- -Noah's ark.
-It was really sexy to me. -Yeah.
-Oh, I was like, "Well, you got pigs and horses
in there and cats and dogs!
-That was sexy to you?
-Yeah, all in one.
And, actually, he was kind of -- He was trying to make me feel
better 'cause I wasn't there, and, you know, he's Australian,
so he's a little intense.
And, so, he goes like this and he goes,
"Babe, I'm just dominating the evacuation.
Look at it. I got the pigs in the back.
They're in the crates."
And I said, "How did you get the pigs in the crates?"
And he actually had to spray them with hose in the ass --
excuse me, in the butt -- to make them run
into the back of the truck.
-That's how you do it. -That's how you do it.
He said, "I just chased them with the hose, and they ran."
-You posted this very kind of heartbreaking
but, yet, inspiring photo.
This is before. And this is after.
And I liked it because the point of it is --
it doesn't matter about material things.
-I think it was really poetic
and I just think that's what made our home special --
none of the things inside, but all the love
that was in there between the dogs and Liam and myself
and all the time just laughing and having fun with, you know,
friends and family and writing music there.
So, the fact that love exists is just the best.
-Yes. Love to everyone out there that affected by this.
And it's just -- It's tough right there.


【ザ・トゥナイト・ショー】リアム・ヘムズワース、マイリーのペットを山火事から救う! (Liam Hemsworth Rescued Miley Cyrus' Animals from the Malibu Wildfire)

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