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-♪♪ J-J-J-Jinx, J-J-J-Jinx Challenge ♪♪
-Now, here's how it works.
We read a category from the card, then we count to three
and both say something in that category at the same time.
When we say the same thing, it is a jinx.
Okay? And that's good. We want jinx.
-Okay. -We want jinx.
So first, let's put on our gloves.
-Oh, look, it's labeled.
Will you only wear your glove and not mine?
-Yeah, it's a contractual thing.
[ Light laughter ]
I think you have smaller hands.
-Wait. Oh, so I have to use my left hand?
Is that how this works? -I think so.
-Okay. Wow.
-Are you feeling this already?
-Wow. -It kind of makes no sense.
I don't know why we invented this.
But anyways, when we get a jinx --
-Did you patent it? -Yes. Well, we have to.
Get my lawyers right now. Michael Cohen.
Oh, my God, he's in prison. [ Laughter ]
All right.
So when we get a jinx, either do that or we can do that.
I mean, whatever you want.
That's the whole fun of the game.
-This is so exciting.
-This is the best thing that ever happened.
Here we go. All right. Ready?
I'm going to go first. Ready?
-Okay. -There's no rush.
This is all fun.
You can play at home -- -I'm stressed.
-No, don't. This is fun. -How do you win?
-You win -- We all win.
[ Laughter ]
If you think about it. -I'm too competitive.
-We all win. Everyone's winners here, you know.
-Okay. Great. -Yeah.
All right. Green vegetable.
Actually, this is green vegetables.
It's plural.
Green vegetable.
Green vegetable.
Green vegetable.
Grin vegetable.
Grn veg.
One, two, three.
Broccoli! -Broccoli!
[ Ding ] -Oh!
-Ohh! -I'm feeling this.
All right, that's good.
One jinx! -Okay, okay.
-You feeling it now? -I'm feeling it.
-All right, here we go. -Yeah, okay.
-Oh, sorry. You should read it. -Oh, okay.
Animal sounds.
Animal sounds.
Animal sounds.
Animal sounds.
One, two, three.
Neigh! -Woof!
[ Buzzer ] [ Laughter ]
-That was said with such conviction.
-I was attacking because of the horse in my backyard.
A very calm horse.
-Are we going for a second -- -Neigh.
Yes. Oh, yeah. We only got one jinx.
But that's good. We got to beat our record of one.
-Okay. -Here we go.
In the time-honored tradition of the Jinx Challenge,
this is a world record.
-Okay. -Here we go. We can beat this.
Ready? I'm talking about states.
-States. -States.
One, two, three.
New York! -Kentucky.
I was going to say Kentucky.
I was going to say Kentucky.
But then I figured we're in New York.
Yeah, I thought that was kind of an easy one.
-Not thinking logically. -No. Kentucky.
I was going to say Kentucky. Is that weird?
-This is -- I'm, like, getting into this look.
-Yeah. But are you feeling the heat?
It feels like the heat's being --
-Like knowledge coming through my hands.
-Yeah. And back this way, as well.
It's like...
-Yeah. -Yeah, okay, good.
-Embarrassing. -All right. Ready?
It was embarrassing.
Me? -No.
-No. Of course not. -Oh, wait. Okay.
Ooh. French words.
-Uh-oh. French words?
-French words. -French words.
-French words. -French words.
Wait, don't you live in France or something?
-I did for a minute.
-You did, okay. So a French word.
-French word. -Oh.
-Okay. -Okay. A French word.
Okay. I'm in France.
I'm just going to say a word.
A French word. -French word.
One, two, three.
Bonjour. -Oui!
-Oh. [ Buzzer ]
[ Laughter ]
-Gosh. -Broccoli was --
-Broccoli was -- We peaked on broccoli.
-It was real when we were in broccoli.
-Let's focus up now. Seriously, enough of the B.S.
-I know, man. This is --
We're really -- -Let's go.
We want to beat this and get to this, man.
These two are gonna be winners. -I can't leave here a loser.
-Ready for this?! -Ready.
-Foods with holes.
One, two, three!
Bagel! -Bagel!
-Yeah! [ Ding ]
We felt it. We felt it. -That felt so right.
-Oh, it felt so right. Foods with holes.
Bagels, of course. -Yes.
-Yes! Let's go to the last chance.
Here we go, Natalie Portman. -Okay. Pop stars.
Okay. -I got it.
One, two, three. -Two, three.
Lady Gaga! -Sia!
-Oh, of course, Sia. [ Buzzer ]
Darn it!
Two is better than one. One for each of us.
Natalie Portman, everybody.


【ザ・トゥナイト・ショー】ナタリー・ポートマンとジンクスチェレンジ! (Jinx Challenge with Natalie Portman)

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