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  • Thank you, uh...

  • Joan.

  • Okay, um...

  • So here's the thing, I don't actually like you.

  • I just had to make it look like I liked you

  • so someone else wouldn't think I liked them.

  • Oh, okay.

  • Okay, who?

  • - What?

  • - Who?

  • You gotta tell me who this mystery stud is,

  • otherwise I'm gonna go on believing you have a secret tattoo with my face on.

  • No.

  • Should I tell rest of the school that you wrote me a love letter?

  • Okay, okay, fine..

  • Um.. It's Josh Sanderson.

  • Wait, hold on, Sanderson?

  • Doesn't that guy date your sister?

  • Yeah...

  • Well, he dated my sister, in the past tense.

  • He also got a letter, so you can see how awkward and complicated

  • - that's gonna get if he thinks I like him.

  • - Hold on, stop..

  • I'm not the only guy that got a letter?

  • Wow, you really think you're special, then you find out she wrote to two guys.

  • Well, I wrote five letters, so don't go feeling too special.

  • - You wrote five love letters?

  • - Yeah.

  • Damn, Covey, you're a player.

  • Who else did you write letters to?

  • - If I tell you will you leave me alone?

  • - Maybe.

Thank you, uh...


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