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I made it to New Orleans!
and I'm here with my friend Bethany
and we're really
excited to try all the food that New Orleans has to offer.
So let's eat!
First we headed to the Treme neighborhood
which is considered the oldest
african-american neighborhood.
We stopped for lunch at Dooky Chase's restaurant a
family owned restaurant that opened in 1941.
This historically significant
restaurant was the setting for many civil rights discussions including
meetings with Martin Luther King Jr.
Recent guests include Presidents Barack
Obama and George W Bush.
Bethany got the full lunch buffet.
How is it?
It's really good.
What did you get?
Got meatloaf, some green beans, just hot
sausage and some chicken and some cabbage.
And I ordered the gumbo.
Oh yeah it's good.
It has a little kick to it.
And we both had some peach cobbler.
For dinner we ate at Tableau
in the heart of the French Quarter.
This is the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans and it's known for its beautiful
historic buildings.
We treated ourselves to a fancy dinner
and a cocktail with a great view of the French Quarter below.
Ooh it's strong!
It's the maiden voyage. It's good!
Bethany ordered the gulf shrimp remoulade
And I got the
crabmeat Ravigote.
This restaurant also has a nice patio area and dining rooms
for private parties.
Also in the French Quarter, is Acme Oyster House. This
restaurant was crowded with tourists and locals with a line out the door.
When we
got inside we realized it was worth all of the hype.
The char grilled oysters in
an herb butter sauce was definitely the best dish I've had in a while!
Bethany ordered some hush puppies and I had some seafood gumbo and jambalaya.
Another wait that is worth it is the line for beignets at Cafe Du Monde. This
is pretty much one of the most touristy things you can do in New Orleans but it
is still part of the classic NOLA experience.
You can sit inside, but I
would recommend heading nearby to Jackson Square to eat the sweet treat
while soaking in the view.
Bourbon Street is known for its nightlife. It is also the home to NOLA
po-boys which many go to for a late-night snack.
Po-boys are a traditional sandwich on French bread and a New Orleans staple.
Thanks so much for watching!
This is one of several videos that I filmed in New
Orleans during my trip
so be sure to check out that playlist and please
subscribe for more travel videos!


New Orleans Food Guide- Best Restaurants in New Orleans

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