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Hey guys, I'm Coach Madden, official trainer
of YouGoProBaseball.com and today we've got

the Top 10 Pitching Drills to develop the
perfect pitching mechanics.

The first pitching drill we're going to do
is the wall drill.

I'm sure you guys have all seen this one before
but it's a great one because it works on the

beginning of the pitching delivery and if
you get this right, alot of things later in

your pitching delivery are going to happen

So working on the beginning of the pitching
delivery is very very important and that's

what this pitching drill helps you with.
All you're going to do is get up against a
wall, or a fence, or something that you can

go into.
You're going to get set up nice and close,
just like you're going into the stretch.

Like you're pitching straight perpendicular
from the way you're set up and you're going

to get into your leg lift.
The only thing you want touching the wall
or the fence is going to be the side of your

butt, ok?
You don't want your front knee to touch, you
don't want your front foot to touch, you don't

want your shoulder to touch.
One other thing to focus on is to have your
head on the target.

So I've got a little dot right here, I'm going
to focus on that dot as I'm going through

this drill.
So it looks a little something like this.
So the only thing touching right now is the
side of my butt, not my knee, not my foot,

not my shoulder and I can still see my dot.
One more time, it looks a little something
like this.

Now, one other thing you want to pay attention
to is your back leg.

When I see a lot of guys do this drill, what
I'll see is they stay really tall on their

back leg, really straight.
We really want to sit into that back leg as
we're doing this drill.

So having a lot more bend.
No knee, no foot, no shoulder.
That's the wall drill.
The next pitching drill is the Rocker Drill.
I'm sure you guys have all seen this one.
You're going to get set up nice and wide like
you've already taken your stride.

You want to be in line heal to heal.
You're going to kind of sit into this.
Now, there's two ways to do this drill.
One way is to rock and turn the back foot
with the laces going down and then also to

let this back foot come up and over like as
if you were pitching.

So it's going to look a little something like

Get nice and wide, sit into it, heal to heal,
set the arms where you feel comfortable, rocking

forward and back, hence the reason we call
it the rocker drill, and then when you separate

when you're coming back you want to separate
these arms closed off.

I'm throwing straight this way, but I'm separating
closed off.

Really closed off.
45 degrees or more closed off when I separate
my hands.

Then I'm going to go ahead and throw this

I'll show you one of each ways to do this

First one, laces going down to the ground.
Second one, back foot coming up and over.
Rocking, separating closed off, laces to the

Now the second one, I'm going to let the back
foot come up and over just like I'm pitching.

Rocking, separating closed off, let that back
foot come up and over.

The next pitching drill is going to be Figure

All we're doing in Figure Eights is we're
going to get an athletic stance, keep our

glove right in front of us, and then we're
going to turn like we're doing a figure eight.

Really get your hips involved in this one
and then when you separate, I really want

you to separate really over exaggerated closed

So it looks like this and then we're going
to throw.

One thing I really want you guys to focus
on is pronating out in front when you do this

drill because a lot of guys have a tendency
to do this drill and get around this ball.

Really let their arm get out and around and
cut the ball off this way.

So after you do that figure eight, I want
you to think about coming back forward and

bringing the chest to the glove and pronating
the arm out in front.

So it looks a little something like this.
The next pitching drill is called Pivot Picks.
What we're doing in Pivot Picks is working
on our pronation.

Pronation is when our arm turns this way as
we throw the ball.

A lot of pitchers get around the ball and
they put a lot of stress of that elbow.

So if you're one of those guys, this drill,
as well as that figure eight (the last drill)

are great drills for you to work on your arm

So for Pivot Picks we're setting up facing
away from our target.

I'm actually going to be throwing this way.
All I'm doing is coming up with this ball
to my head like I'm making a muscle, then

I'm rotating as far as I can, and then I'm
going to go and throw that ball and really

think about pronating and turning down and
finishing this way.

So it looks a little something like this.
Arm coming up as a muscle, coming real high
and then get the turn.

Pronating as your throw that ball.
The next pitching drill is called Sit Up Throws.
Now this is a great pitching drill to work
on that finish, that end, that last linear

motion of the pitching delivery where you've
really got to bring that chest to that glove

and finish out in front.
What we're going to do on this drill is actually
lay down on the ground.

You can have your knees bent a little bit
and you're going to go like you're doing a

sit up and as you come up stay closed off,
make that throw, and really bring that chest

out in front as you do it.
So it looks like this.
This pitching drill is called the Reverse
Wall Drill.

In the beginning we did the Wall Drill going
into the wall.

This drill we're going to be going away from
the wall.

Hence, the Reverse Wall Drill.
All we're going to do is get set up with our
back shoulder close to the wall, or fence,

or pad, or whatever we're working with.
We're going to get set up here and all we
want to work on is not touching this pad with

our arm path.
So if we're separating too early, separating
our hands too early, we're going to hit this

mat or this wall.
Also, if we're separating too straight back,
we're going to hit this pad or this wall.

So how do we really want to work on this?
In the pitching delivery we should start moving
this way down the mound before we start to

separate our hands.
Also, our hands should be separated at a 45
degree angle or more closed off.

So we should never hit this wall with our
hands if we're doing this drill correctly.

So we're going to get here, get set up, start
down the mound, 45 degrees or more, and go.

I didn't even come close to this.
I'll go through it and actually finish the
throw here.

So, I'm about maybe 6 inches or so away with
my back shoulder to the wall.

Didn't touch it.
The next pitching drill is called Reverse

Now for this one I'm going to use a little
bit heavier ball.

It's a weighted ball, a plyoball, a plyo med
ball, and all we're going to do is get down

on our knee, we're going to block off with
our glove side, we're going to put this ball

down out in front, and then turn and throw
this ball backwards.

Obviously you're going to need a wall or a
net or a fence or something to throw into,

but one thing you want to focus on when you're
doing this drill is not to get too spinny

and out to the side.
You really want to throw this ball with the
same arm angle that you throw with.

So if you're a 3/4 arm slot guy when you pitch,
you want to be 3/4 going back.

You also want to follow this ball with your
head and open your shoulders as you throw

So it looks a little something like this.
The next pitching drill is called the Toe
Tap Drill.

This is a great drill for anyone who opens
up too early because this drill is going to

help us stay closed with our front side and
start moving down the mound in the proper

So all we're going to do is set up an empty

If it's a windy day out like today, you can
fill the bottle up with some clay or if you

have some water whatever you can fill it up
that way so it doesn't fall over.

All you're going to do is get set up.
You want this bottle in line with your back
foot, maybe slightly back, and then you're

just going to come up to your leg lift and
then come back down, set your toe on this

You're not really going to put a lot of pressure,
but then you want to start moving down the

mound with your hips first and then you're
going to explode that front leg open which

is going to help your hips open and get more
hip to shoulder separation, in return helping

you pitch faster.
So let me demonstrate this drill again in
full speed to show you what it looks like.

The next pitching drill we are going to do
is called Sit Drives.

You're going to need a bucket for this one,
or a chair, something about this height, obviously

a pitching mound.
We're going to get set up, we're going to
sit on this bucket.

Now, one thing you want to really focus on
in this drill is that you want to keep your

knee inside of your ankle.
You don't want to stacked over or have the
bucket too far over this way that your foot

is stacked.
You want to keep that knee inside of your
back foot.

All you're going to do in this drill is really
rock back from this bucket and then drive

out of this position.
Hence, why it's called Sit Drives.
Now this drill is great for guys who need
to work on using this back leg and create

energy with this back leg and get stronger
with this back leg.

So it looks a little something like this.
Sit on the edge of the bucket, kind of get
a rock to it so you can get that stand up,

but when you do stand up don't let that knee
get over the back foot, stay inside that ankle.

Let me show you one more time.
The last pitching drill is called the Broomstick
Drill, or in this case, the PVC Stick Drill

and this is to work on your breaking balls.
What you're going to do in this pitching drill
is be on your pitching mound or if you're

working off flat ground that's fine as well
but your partner is going to hold up the PVC

or the broomstick about the height of your
release point and what you're focusing on

when you're throwing your breaking balls is
getting over that PVC and then following it

down as the coach drops it.
The reason this is a great drill is because
I see a lot of guys when they start to throw

their breaking balls they get real short and
kind of cut that thing off.

So you really want to think about getting
over it first and then following it down.

So it looks a little something like this.
Thinking about having the right grip on that,
getting over that PVC or broomstick, and then

pulling it down.
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I've got a bunch of great ones coming soon
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and do that real quick for me.
Also, leave me a comment below and let me
know which one of these 10 pitching drills

were your favorite.
Alright, I'll see you in the comments below!


Top 10 Pitching Drills To Develop The Perfect Pitching Mechanics [Top 10 Thursday Ep.1]

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