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hello everyone and welcome back to
english with Lucy the other day on my
Instagram I asked what sort of video would
you like to see next
I asked on this photo here and by far
the most popular comment was tell us
about your trip to Barcelona
unfortunately i didn't film much or
take so many photos so i can't do that
the second most popular was phrasal
verbs and the third most popular was
travel vocabulary so thought I
would take travel and phrasal verbs fuse
them together and talk to you about
travel-related phrasal verbs so let's
get started now obviously you know the
ones like take off and get away and
things like that today I want to talk to
you about some more advanced
travel-related phrasal verbs
so the first one is to set off to set
off to set off means to start or begin a
trip or a journey so i could say when I
went to Barcelona i set off at six
o'clock in the morning and i arrived at
the airport at eight o'clock so i began
the whole journey at six o'clock in the
now the next one is to hold up and this
means to delay something so i could say
there was a traffic jam which held us up
for half an hour the next one is to see
somebody off or just to see off and this
means to go to a station or airport or
specific place to say goodbye to
somebody that is traveling somewhere so
i could say my dad came into departures
to see me off my dad came into
departures to say goodbye to me before I
traveled the next one is to check in and
this means to arrive and register at a
hotel or an airport so at the airport I
had to check in my luggage at the desk
and that the hotel i also had to check
in and receive my keys
remember at the end of the trip i would
check out the final one is to stop over
and this means to stop somewhere on the
way to your final destination so if you
were going on a long journey to
Indonesia for example maybe you would
stop over in another country in another
airport on the way and then make a
connecting flight to break up the
journey so my final destination is
Indonesia but i might stop over in Italy
ok guys those were your five
travel-related phrasal verbs i hope you
enjoyed the video i hope you learned
don't forget that if you want to improve
your english listening skills you can
get a free audiobook on audible the
link is in the description box connect
with me on all of my social media my
Instagram and my facebook where I hold a
weekly live pronunciation lesson every
sunday at four thirty goodbye for now i
will see you soon for another lesson



5つの旅行に関する句動詞 ( 5 Travel Phrasal Verbs | Intermediate & Advanced English Vocabulary )

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