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-Thank you so much for being here.
-All right. -I love magic
and I love illusions and I love --
so I don't know what's gonna happen tonight.
-No, you don't. -Okay, no.
-Are you ready to start? -Yeah.
-Okay, you got a 50/50 chance of hurting me very badly.
Chicken and waffle sock, shark attack sock?
You pick.
[ Audience shouting ]
-Chicken and waffles.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-I am so glad you picked that sock,
'cause this would've really hurt.
-[ Laughs ] Oh, geez.
-Now, the thing is,
you did that well. You got that. You nailed it.
I could've been very badly hurt, so here's my question for you.
-It said "shark attack." [ Laughs ]
-Then that would've been a very short segment.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
So, here's the thing -- have you at any point in your life
ever wanted to do a magic show? -Sure.
-How about right now? -There we go!
-Okay. -Yeah?
If you do exactly what I do -- we got double setups here...
-Okay. -...you are gonna totally amaze
all of them.
How's that? -That's amazing.
[ Cheers and applause ] -So...
let's get some people to play with.
House lights up, I want you to pick anybody over here for me.
Pick anybody at all. -Anybody?
-The second girl up there waving.
Yeah, right there. -Okay, stand up.
They're gonna bring you a mic.
You're gonna stay right over there.
Stay right over there, and they'll bring you a mic.
And lets work with with the one, two, three up and curly hair.
Yep, stand up. You guys work together.
And pick somebody over here for you.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Right there. Yep. Right there.
-Stand up in the aisle, and I'll pick the guy in the --
No, you're there with the glasses. Yeah, waving.
Yes, stand up, work together.
You two work together. Bring them some mics.
All right, here's what happens.
I want you to think of any country in the world.
Think of any country in the world.
Work together, talk amongst your selves.
Think of any country in the world. Work together.
Jimmy. -Yes?
-Here's how it goes. You're gonna watch me first.
-And then it's your turn.
You look them in the eyes...
see into her soul... [ Laughter ]
...and now...I'm gonna go... -I'm not --
do I look at what you're doing, or no?
-Yeah, you can. Look.
Okay, we just don't want to show them.
-All right. It's your turn. -Wait, what?
[ Laughter ] -I'm serious.
-I know you are, but I did not learn anything.
[ Laughter ]
-See into their souls.
What do you see when you look into their souls, by the way?
[ Laughter ]
-Happy people? -[ Laughs ] Happy people.
He's Jimmy the Happy Magician. All right.
Now, go with your gut, don't let them see,
and I want you to write
what country they might be thinking of.
Big letters.
I'll go first, Jimmy.
What country are you thinking of?
-Are you...
Are you kidding me? -Peru, ladies and gentlemen.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Come on. Don't let me down, guys. Come on.
[ Laughter ] Any country in the whole world.
-Um, our country was America.
-Show it to them. [ Cheers and applause ]
Jimmy, it's so amazing! -How'd you do that?
-Your first magic trick.
-You really thought that? -Yeah, it was America.
-Good. Thank you so much. All right, so look.
No more pads, no more pens.
You got the sock right. You got the country right.
You ready for the big finale? -Yeah, but that's --
I just want to say, I did not plan any of this.
I do not know you people, and that's awesome.
-I'm kind of amazed you did it, too. That's really good.
-I just feel like I have powers now. Okay, good.
All right, I'm gonna tell you what our next trick is gonna be.
-Okay, yes. -No, I'm just kidding. I'm not.
-Thought you were gonna read my mind for a minute.
-I was trying, I was trying. -All right, look.
Last one. I want you to think of any animal in the world,
and I want you to think of any animal in the world.
It could be something cuddly, furry, fits inside of a top hat.
Anything. Okay? [ Laughter ]
Think of your animal. You have one?
Okay, watch how I do this.
This technique's a little different.
-What is the animal you're thinking of?
-A fish.
-[ Laughs ] -Furry, fits in a hat.
[ Laughter ]
I'm actually really glad you said fish,
because I thought you might say fish.
[ Cheers and applause ]
That's a gold fish. -That is bizarre.
-All right.
Jimmy, it's all down to you. Lean in like this.
-[ Laughs ] Come on, dude. Seriously.
I mean, I freak out.
I love you guys. Don't laugh. You're laughing too hard.
All right, I want you to think of an animal...
[ Barks ]
[ Laughter ] It could be any type of animal.
Gosh, please don't do anything crazy. I love puppies.
[ Laughter ]
-Snake? -Oh, gosh.
Please don't say a snake.
-Jimmy, I have no idea how you did this,
but you managed to find a five-foot boa constrictor.
Ladies and gentlemen, Jimmy's first magic trick.
-Oh, my gosh. That's amazing. [ Cheers and applause ]
-That was well done. -How did you do that?
Joshua Jay, everybody! -Thank you, guys.
-For tickets to his show,
check out siximpossiblethingsshow.com.
More "Tonight Show" after the break. Stick around.
What in the world?!



Magician Joshua Jay Helps Jimmy Read His Audience's Minds

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