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welcome back to another episode of real
English with real teachers we are back

on the streets of London to expose you
to some naturally spoken English so

let's see who we find today
what's the first thing you notice when you meet someone new
their hair
yeah what if they're wearing a hat

if they're bald or not

what is the first thing you notice
when you meet someone

their face
before we start the video we
wanted to tell you about a language

learning platform that Harry and I have
been using heavily for the last two

years this website is called italki
and we love it not only because it's

convenient and it's user friendly it's
also super affordable but furthermore

it's connecting you with an actual
native teacher so we highly recommend

you check out italki just how Charles has
done as a professional football player

who's just joined Arsenal and we're
gonna see how he likes italki thank

you for giving us 20 seconds of your
time Charles

it is not a problem not at all
can you quickly tell the
fans why you decided to come to italki
and learn online instead of staying in

the traditional classroom
yes it is quite simple really I could not get to

the class because I am playing football all
day it is a very intensive training so

online is a very convenient for me
to practice my English

Thank You Charles
back to the studio
yes so we've partnered up with

italki and because of that we've managed
to get you ten dollars worth of

italki credits once you sign up for
your first lesson

so enjoy this video learn all the
vocabulary that we're about to give you

and then hit the link in the description
box below to get your class and practice

with a native teacher couldn't be better
so we hope you enjoy that enjoy the

video name the first thing that you
notice when you meet somebody new

oh their eyes
why are the eyes so special
cuz you look into them first

that's how you see anyway yeah
or if they have pretty eyes

and you like them

if they're just dull eyes then
well then you pretend like they're pretty for their sake

I think mouth in my case
oh right

I tend to look at people being slightly deaf I think I lip read a bit you know
and so I tend to look at people's mouths
rather than their eyes

anything else that's really important
their smile yeah

what's the first thing you notice when
you meet someone new their eyes their

teeth okay do you look into their dental records
[laughter] no

do you like it if they've got glasses is that a deal breaker
I don't care

you don't care contact lenses
I don't care, no

take anything

their smile probably generally speaking
British people are quite stereotypically

bad with smiling at people in the street but
oh really

I think it's quite important in this day and age so yeah
their face or like their outfit
what did you think when you first saw our outfits

studenty [laughter]
that's a good one

yeah d'you know what I mean
I do yeah I feel quite studenty

yeah something like that

I think it's me trying to hold
on to my youth
yeah cling to the last shreds

what's something
that you notice about someone when you

meet them instantly
instantly how good-looking they are

how good-looking they are
would you say in New Zealand
people are more smiley yeah I'd say that

I'd say that I think that people just
get a bad rep and especially big cities

like London for being busy and not very
approachable but most Londoners I

feel they are quite approachable

do you make a conscious effort to just stare at the
mouth or do you go back and forth
between the eyes and the

mouth or yeah well I think you should
look people in the eyes they expect it

so I make that conscious effort yeah
you look at your person's face yes and

then you ask questions and hopefully you
get a feeling for what sort of person

they are yeah in a short period of time
do you think it's strange because I
was talking to Charlie about this the
other day he said if you look at someone

in the eyes for longer than five seconds
people get a bit weirded out they feel

uneasy how do you feel about that
no I wouldn't never experienced that no

I s'pose [suppose] yeah perhaps you're right looking at you now yeah [laughter]
I am not like my wife she very much
looks at the person and decides what
they're like before even having their

conversation which annoys me intensely
because there are beauty is only

skin-deep some people have very piercing
eyes don't they

yeah like Hitler
the Hitler stare

his eyes were very distinctive apparently
yeah he had a very piercing menacing gaze

yeah well you haven't you have lovely soft eyes
so you like to give them a bit more time
yeah I do yeah

does your wife give them a second chance

no right so she's quite cut-throat

anything else that you notice first thing
what about with your wife what did you

I suppose you notice the way they're
dressed don't you and you form an impression about them by the way they're dressed I suppose
and you kind of expect a certain style of
dress with certain people don't you I

mean I would look at these youngsters
over here and everyone is wearing trainers

you know there's not one proper pair of
shoes amongst them and that's the way they are

I mean like today I'm wearing a
jacket I'm not wearing a tie but

you look dapper you look very
dapper the hat the long coat the shoes

yeah I mean not many people
have proper raincoats these days I don't suppose

and that's a hangover from when I was at
work you know so

still got it when I retired
you've got style I think the older generations have a lot

more style than we do nowadays so we're going to leave
Harry there to reminisce over the older

generation and they're less studenty
appearance and ask you the same question

we asked these lovely members of the
public which is what is the first thing

you notice about someone when you meet
them for the first time go ahead and

challenge yourself to use as many of the
highlighted phrases from this video in

your answer and leave it as a comment
below thanks so much for watching go

ahead and claim your $10 discount from italki in the description box below
please do give the video a like if you
found it useful and if you want to stay

tuned for more from us then subscribe
and click that bell see you on another

episode of Real English With Real





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