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  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe is overrated.


  • That's right, this is happening.


  • OK, so why is this not just a steaming pile of clickbait?


  • Hear me out.


  • So far, there have been twenty of these movies.

    今までのところ、これらの映画は 20 本出ています。

  • And uber-producer Kevin Feige says there'll be at least 20 more in the MCUMarvel Cinematic Universewithin the next 10 years.

    そして、スーパープロデューサーのケヴィン・ファイギ氏は、今後 10 年以内に MCU(マーベル・シネマティック・ユニバース)に少なくとも20本は追加されるだろうと言っています。

  • Seriously, half of these people could disappear and it would still be 148 too many characters.

    冗談抜きで、この人達の半分は消える可能性がありますが、それでも 148 人のキャラクターは多すぎるでしょう。

  • When we asked Vox's audience for things they think are overrated, Marvel and DC's movies came up again and again.

    Vox の視聴者に、過大評価されていると思うことを質問したところ、マーベルと DC の映画の名前が何度も上がりました。

  • We love these movies - in the United States alone, they've grossed more than 6.5 billion dollars.

    私達はこれらの映画が大好きです。アメリカだけで 65 億ドル以上の収益を上げています。

  • And yet there's something missing.


  • When you look at the history of fictional universesand at the MCU in particularit's possible to understand how it could be fixed.

    架空の宇宙の歴史が、特に MCU では、どのように定着したかが理解できます。

  • Go back to 1939 and you'll find the likely birth of the Marvel Universe.

    1939 年にまでさかのぼると、マーベル・ユニバースの誕生の可能性が高いことがわかります。

  • It's in Marvel Mystery Comics #7.

    これはマーベル・ミステリー・コミックス第 7 巻に掲載されています。

  • These characters aren't that well-known today.


  • But here, Betty tells Namor that The Human Torch existsestablishing continuity and crossover potential.


  • This was the start of a new eraone in which corporations produced fiction.


  • The idea was simpleyou could use the fame of one property to enhance the audience for another.


  • And Marvel wasn't alone in recognizing the financial opportunity of crossovers in the 1930s and 40s.

    1930 年代と 40 年代のクロスオーバーによる経済的機会が認識されたのは、マーベルだけではありませんでした。

  • The Green Hornet!


  • Look at that picture on the wall.


  • The man on that horse is one of your ancestors.”


  • In the 1940s, The Green Hornet revealed that the series' central character, Britt Reid, was the grandnephew of The Lone Ranger, another popular radio star at the time.

    1940 年代、グリーン・ホーネットは、シリーズの中心人物であるブリット・リードが、当時人気のあった別のラジオスター、ローン・レンジャーの甥の息子だったことを明らかにしました。

  • “I hope you do something about those crooksjust as your pioneer ancestor did.”


  • Movie studios were thinking about this toowhen Abbott and Costello met Frankenstein, it joined the Dracula, Frankenstein, and Wolfman movie franchises with a goofy comedy.


  • It was basically Universal Studios' Avengers Infinity War, but with more running into walls.


  • By the 60s, even DC comics was catching up, like when Superman entered his fortress of solitude and finally met Batman.


  • “I love you!”


  • They enjoyed some cake.


  • You love me.”


  • By the time Spiderman got his comic in 1963, he was spending time with the Fantastic Four and promoting guest appearances from the Hulk.

    1963 年にスパイダーマンがコミックに登場するまでに、ファンタスティック・フォーと一緒に時間を過ごし、ハルクでのゲスト出演を進めていました。

  • And this was also when the Marvel Universe's problems started.


  • This snowglobe contains a half-century of television.


  • It's the basis for the Tommy Westphall Universe theory, which some argue might be the biggest fictional universe of all.


  • The snowglobe appeared on the '80s television show St. Elsewhere.

    このスノードームは、80 年代のテレビ番組「セント・エルスウェア」に登場しました。

  • That scene possibly showed that the whole series had taken place inside a snowglobe world imagined by a minor character named Tommy Westphall.


  • The theory is that if a show had a crossover with St. Elsewhere, that show must have taken place in Tommy's snowglobe too.


  • And every crossover that show had, no matter how tangential, would be in the snowglobe, and so on and so on, until you get almost 450 television shows in the same universe, in the same snowglobe.

    そして、その番組が持つクロスオーバーすべてが、どれほど逸脱していても、スノードームの中で起こっており、それは同じスノードーム、同じ宇宙でほぼ 450 のテレビ番組が見られるまで続きます。

  • It spans from 1952 to... today.

    それは 1952 年から...今日まで続きます。

  • It's a dumb theory.


  • But, it's meant to be.


  • That said, the Tommy Westphall universe actually illustrates some of the problems with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


  • Crossovers require a bunch of artistic compromises.


  • No one wants "Cheers" and "I Love Lucy" to be a connected universe.


  • It's because a bunch of business decisions connected them.


  • Sometimes, the network forced crossovers on producers, other times, the producers came up with it.


  • Garry Marshall said that the reason that Mork from Ork knew Fonzie from "Happy Days" and Laverne from "Laverne and Shirley" was because his son said that Fonzie should dream about an alien.


  • These crossovers are always about juicing ratings, not telling a good story.


  • The Tommy Westphall universe is a thought experiment.


  • "Frasier" and "The X-Files" don't mix, even though they do in Tommy Westphall's globe.

    「フレイジャー」と 「X - ファイル」は、トミー・ウェストフォールの地球儀では混在していません。

  • But even at Marvel, where continuity was planned, it became a hassle to maintain.


  • Marvel editor and writer Len Wein said, “The problem at Marvel was that we suddenly became a business with a bunch of books that Stan, [Lee] don't think, ever in his heart expected to last more than a couple of years.”


  • In 1965, Lee replaced most of the Avengers just because the continuity for the original group had become too confusing to deal with.

    1965 年、リーは初期のグループの連続性があまりに複雑になって扱いきれないというだけで、ほとんどのアベンジャーズを入れ替えてしまいました。

  • This continuity clutter happened in the movies, too.


  • "Iron Man" kicked off the MCU in 2008.

    アイアン・マンは 2008 年に MCU を始めました。

  • The universe exposition dump didn't happen until after the credits.


  • Mr. Stark, you've become part of a bigger universe.”


  • "Ant Man" required a weak excuse right in the middle of the movie.


  • “I think our first move should be calling the Avengers."


  • “I spent half my life trying to keep this technology out of the hands of the Stark.


  • I'm sure as hell am not gonna hand deliberately to one now.”


  • These heavy-handed additions are about getting crossover hype, not about telling a good story.


  • But there's a bigger problem than continuity in the MCUand there is a way to do it better.

    しかし、MCU には連続性よりも大きな問題があり、それを改善する方法があります。

  • Whoa you're the Avengers!”


  • The rest of this scene is a standard movie fight.


  • Their universe is only as deep as some merchandise and a few Easter Eggs.


  • It's cool when Peter Parker's classroom has a picture of Bruce Banner in the corner.


  • But it's not a transformed universe.


  • It's like Quentin Tarantino including the imaginary brand of Red Apple cigarettes in multiple movies.


  • It's cool.


  • It's not a coherent, intertwined world.


  • The MCU is like our own, except for the crossovers.

    MCU は、クロスオーバーを除いては、私達の世界と一緒です。

  • You can test it with the characters.


  • Add Aquaman to that poster.


  • If you didn't know DC owned him, would anyone notice?

    彼の所有権が DC にあることを知らなかったとしたら、誰かが気づくでしょうか?

  • The MCU has no rules beyond corporate ownership.

    MCU には、企業の所有権を越えたルールはありません。

  • It's a superhero hodgepodge.


  • The same goes for DC.

    DC についても同様です。

  • If you added Hawkeye here, nobody would care.


  • And not just because it's...Hawkeye.


  • Marvel's own property — X-Men, with a movie universe owned by Fox and likely going to Disneyshows a better way.

    Fox が所有しており、おそらくはディズニーに譲渡されるユニバースと共にある X-Men などのマーベルの所有物は、より良い方法を教えてくれます。

  • This universe is not just crossovers.


  • Every character, human and mutant, has taken sides in a generations-long battle, with real stakes, unlike Marvel's Civil War.


  • That leads to creative possibilities, like decade-jumping and even tonal experimentation with deep integration to the X-Men mythology, if not the continuity.

    これは、連続性がないとしても、X-Men 神話への深い統合による 10 年の飛躍や色調実験のような創造的な可能性へとつながります。

  • When Marvel experiments, like with Jessica Jones, the big tie-in to the MCU is...merch.

    マーベルがジェシカ・ジョーンズのように実験を行うとき、MCU への大きなタイアップは…商品です。

  • Do you have any cool toys in your room you want to show me?”


  • Do you know Captain America?”


  • X-Men movies are not all good, but they do have a universal logic that is stronger than Tommy Westphall's snowglobe.

    X-Men の映画はすべてが良いわけではありませんが、トミー・ウェストフォールのスノードームよりも説得力がある宇宙的ロジックがあります。

  • Here's another test.


  • If youlittle old youwere in a movie, which universe would change you?


  • In X-Men, you'd have to decide where you fell in a decades-long battle.

    X-Men では、数 10 年にもわたる戦闘のどこに巻き込まれるか決める必要があります。

  • Do you side with mutants?


  • Or humans?


  • In the MCU, you'd be like this kid in Agents of Shieldyour big decision would be to buy some merch.

    MCU では、「エージェント・オブ・シールド」のこの子のようになります。あなたの大きな決断は、商品を購入することになります。

  • “I'm OK.”


  • Marvel has flirted with a richer universe, one in which the lives of all people are transformed by a shared history.


  • But right now, would anybody be surprised if Disney forced a Marvel/Star Wars crossover?


  • Marvel and Disney can make the right choice.


  • In the late 80s, the Marvel comic Damage Control toyed with the consequences of superhero life on the world at large.


  • That made its cameo in Spiderman: Homecoming a thrilling indicator of where the MCU could go.

    80 年代後半、マーベル・コミックの「ダメージ・コントロール」は、世界全体のスーパーヒーローの人生の結果をいじってみました。

  • It was a world that anybody could imagine themselves in.

    それによって「スパイダーマン:ホームカミング」での特別出演を MCU がどこへ向かうのかのスリリングな目安にしました。

  • But until that experimentation transforms the movies, the MCU is just a business strategy.


  • The universe is still in development.

    しかし、その実験が映画を変えるまでは、MCU は単なるビジネス戦略にすぎません。

  • If you want just the facts about Marvel, please check out Sean Howe's Marvel Comics: The Untold Story.


  • It gives you a peek behind the scenes of Marvel and how they shaped a half-century of our culture.

    マーベルについての事実をただ知りたい場合は、ショーン・ハウの「マーベル・コミック:アントールド・ストーリー」をお読みください。 それによって垣間見ることができるのは、マーベルの舞台裏と、彼らが半世紀で形作った私達の 文化です。

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is overrated.



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