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Why don't you all introduce yourselves. So who do we got here?
Hello, we are BTS.
Hi guys!
I'm your hope, you're my hope, I'm J-Hope. -- Audience Screams --
Hi U.K, *in a British accent* it's a bloody beautiful night.
I'm RM, nice to meet you.
-- Sound of a picture snapping --
My name is Jungkook. Nice to meet you guys.
NG: I made ----- (sorry, can't quite catch that last part). JIN: me? NG: yeah.
Where is camera?
Hello, my name's Jin. I'm worldwide the handsome, you know
Yeah, worldwide handsome
Who else have we got?
Hi guys
I'm Suga. Nice to meet you guys
Hi guys. My name is V.
That's V
Yeah ,That's V
Okay, I see six members but there's supposed to be seven. What happened?
There's a Jimin
Member called Jimin. His muscle got seized up before the rehearsal so...
He's alright
I know but you can be Jimin today so...
He scared
No Jimin!
Can I ask something? Does that mean you're looking for a new member?
Go on
Come on, Jimin
Sorry we don't need you today
Who's hurt their foot then? Who was that?
So, what happened to your foot?
Uh, stitches in my heel
GN: Stitches? JK: Yeah. GN: that's no fun.
RM: It happens you know
So many people would like to kiss it better
Audience: Yeah!!!
GN: We should we should say that song Idol, that is on the album Love Yourself Answer which is out now. RM: Yes sir
I'm guessing they've already got it.
So I suppose the the headline, so the headlines are, so BTS stands for...
-- Answers from the audience --
BTS stands for
GN: I wasn't talking to you
BTS is Beyond the Scene in English
JH: Bulletproof Boy Scout in Korea.
GN: Okay, so that's what that is. RM: Yeah. GN: I'm no wiser

RM: But many people consider it as like the behind the scene but which is not
You know and I don't mean any disrespect but there are people of a certain age who don't know BTS
so just in case you all think I'm making this up. This is the new cover of Time Magazine
-- Audience Screams --
RM: Yeah
GN: Like that.
GN: Have you been on Time Magazine?
WG: I have been in Time Magazine.
GN: Yeah, anyone on the cover? No?
JD: Just a mention. A mention.
So and you also you had the honor of speaking at the United Nations
RM: Yes sir. Yes sir we did.
And was that, that was kind a part of.. BTS's message?
RM: Oh yeah, ha ha
Okay, so I just want to say that you know life always had the dilemmas of, you know
We always have to have the pain inside because when the light comes we always have the shadows and we cannot be avoid from that
So I just want to tell that
Um, we should find the way to love ourselves around, then of course
especially the youth gonna be more happy and we could live a good life. So that was the message.
People are really.. people are really really responding to that message
WG: I'm giving them my shirt
GN: There we go
GN: It's on this shirt.
GN: Things that I didn't know I'd be doing today...uhh... undressing Whoopi Goldberg.
RP: It's like Sandra Bullock all over again
And I'm giving you this to say thank you for all of the, all of the joy you're bringing.
This is, this is the shirt I designed.
GN: Oh, you did that?
So this is, this is my design.
And if you look closely, it's all about movement and people, it's all for.. It's for you, thank you for all...



BTS meet Graham!! - BBC

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