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We've been in Taiwan for a week!
It feels longer!
We just picked up our free breakfast
That the hostel provides
(Hokkien) Tastes good!
Grandma says it tastes good
So this one here, this one here
She's like complaining I'm in HER way
Y'know what I mean!?
Next thing she says is,
Frickin' hell.
So that's my gua bao
So the bun already feels like really fluffy fluffy
It's got some coriander
Dried coriander,
Cheese, a bit of lettuce, you know you need your 5 a day
Sort of minced braised meat
And peanut powder!
It does smell like really fragrant with the peanut powder
Hope we enjoy this so...
We're on the route to Sun Moon Lake!
This is our b&b room
So we have nicely checked in
Doing a quick wardrobe change
We're doing a spontaneous trip to the Monster Village
So that we can fit everything in
And this is our nice landlord
So he can say hi
Yeah so we're just like taking the steps
We have arrived
At Xitou Monster Village
It takes like an hour and a half by bus here
Buses aren't frequent
They're about once every 2 hours and the last bus to get back there
was about 5:30pm
So people need to take that into account
We arrived now and it's what- 5pm now?
So we've missed the bus back but we're planning to take the taxi back...
Where's the forest?!
How do I get up?
We got hungryyyy so we're having hotpot
A lot of hotpot!
Which one's which?
That one's yours
That one's the spicy one
Well, we'll try the mala one anyways
Whatever, guys
You can't handle your spice lol
He's underestimating us!
Just so you know, we will order more
I'm really hungry lol
I wanna see the bamboo forest! :(
But it's erm... pitch black now -.-
So to even go up there is pointless!
What happened?
Why are we in the police station?
Why are we in the police station!?
I've got money x 5
So basically our grand plan of being spontaneous
It worked out that was fine!
Hi guys, so we're in a cab...
And I'm really really happy that our driver is a woman driver
And it's the first woman driver that we've seen so far!
She seems very fun, very bubbly
She says we're young as well so ... it's all good!
She's young as well, man. She's a grandma!
It was like a fun...experience
Being stranded...
We weren't really stranded...to be honest
We weren't really stranded but it felt like it but it was kind of funny at the same time
Imagine if we didn't know though!
That'll be funny lol
Good morning guys
I woke up first so I'm going down to have breakfast
We just experienced our first ever earthquake earlier
which was [magnitude] 4.8
So we're on our way to Cingjing Farm
Hello guys! We've arrived at the top~~!
Of the farm~!
Stamp for life!
Amazinggggg views!
We can call the sheep!
I can do it quite well, hold on
Is it fluffy?
Very much so
Food is pretty good
We've hired bikes!
Can I get my footing, right?
Dangerous x 3
I cannot cycle straight
And do this at the same time
I'm trying
You haven't been on a bike since you were 11?!
Yeah something like that
11, maybe 13 if pushing it?
But I think it's about 11
Since I was in primary school
It's quite scary...
Maybe I should have gotten a scooter!
I'm alright, I cycle all the time
Ah she cycles EVERY DAY
I cycle every day, I cycle with no hands, bruv!
Oh there she is!
I was trying to vlog at the same time and it's so dangerous
Day 9
On the boat
I feel dizzy already
Hello guys...! Sooo we are about to...
Embark on our cable car ...
And you know...
It's free to upgrade to a CRYSTAL FLOOR
So, "why not"?
We'll see how it goes...
You can tell by my face already...
I was like, "Yeah YOLO!"
Soh kwan's just like...
Teresa's like...
Why do I do this to myself?
She was the one- I was okay with not going
I know x 4
Do you want me to hold your hand? lol
She's hyperventilating
Do you remember the one in Switzerland?
The little one in Switzerland?
Yeah, she would not be able to
Go anywhere
Just look up! Look up x 2
Just look ahead!
Don't look down
Yeah you guys just have to like record this for me
Because you want to remember this?
Yeah, I want to remember this!
I was going to do a video but I can't do a video so...
Don't film me!
I thought you wanted to record this moment?
I'm not crying!
(singing a Mandarin song)
Hello guys, we are checking out
of Sun Moon Lake
And moving on to our next city which is:
This is a really nice b&b place
which we highly recommend people to come and stay
It's called The Sun Moon Inn
The owners are very friendly
The owners are very friendly and very accommodating
Their breakfast is good as well
You know, very fresh, very nutritious
It might not be to everyone's taste
But I think it's worth a try
And you're definitely going to like it
OK 1, 2, 3!
(Mandarin) OH, IT'S OVER THERE!?
Thumbs up!
I can send these photos to you
If you guys have time when you go back or whenever you guys are bored
Can you go on tripadvisor and leave us a review?
We don't have many reviews on tripadvisor
We'll write a review each for you!
Thank you!


(Taiwan Travels ep. 3/7) 3 Days in Nantou

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