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But you do have another Avengers movie coming out.
I do. We have another Avengers movie.
[ Cheering ]
It's gonna be amazing.
Have you finished filming it, and are you allowed to talk about these things?
'Cause I know you get in trouble.
[ Chuckles ] Uh...
- I've sort of, in the past, uh, maybe have given up things, some spoilers... - What have you done?
I basically spoiled the end of "Avengers: Infinity War" with Don Cheadle, who will no longer do press with me.
[ Laughs ]
Um...and, uh...
I've been sort of put under surveillance by Marvel.
Marvel. Yeah, they don't want you talking to me.
They got a lot of reach in the world...
-That's correct. -...and I've learned my lesson.
-Alright. [ Stammering ] Can you give us any hint of anything? Of anything...
...I don't want to get you in trouble with the studio or Marvel, but, I mean, maybe, could you even just...
-A little topic? -Do we know the title?
Do we know the title? Could you...
[ Cheering ]
Alright, I think I could probably tell you that.
[ Whistling ] Really?!
I think it's out there already.
The title of the next Avengers movie is...
[ Bleep ].
[ Cheering ]
That's out there, right?
I can't believe that you just told us!
- That's the biggest spoiler ever. -No, that's out there.
I don't want to get you in trouble.
No, I swear, that's out there.
- No, alright. -It's okay.
-Are you sure? -Yeah.
I mean, that's -- I thought it was a spoiler.
We all reacted to it.
Can you give us... another spoiler and an actual --
I mean, now that that's already out there. Come on!
- No, I can't do it. No, dude, -You won't get in trouble.
I mean, that's already out there.
- Come on, they love you. Come on. -Okay, there's just...
[ Cheering ]
There's this -- There's one thing.
I'm really excited about it.
I don't think this will be giving away too much.
No, just don't give away too much, yeah.
So, [bleep] in the final battle, Bruce Banner is in his [ bleep ].
[ Bleep continues ]
- ...right? -Yeah?
And he wakes up, and he's like, "Oh, [ bleep ]!"
Turns into the Hulk, he busts out of this tank, right?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - And he's like [ bleep ].
[ Bleep continues ]
Boom! He jumps through the air.
He's flying and flying and flying.
[ Bleep ]
-This is unbelievable! -...coming across.
He grabs [ bleep ].
Yes, yes, yes!
[ Bleep ]
-...going over New York City.
Ah! [ Bleep ].
Mark, it's too much [indistinct].
- And he's pissed, man. - No, no. Stop. That's enough!
-I mean, he's just like -- -No, that's enough!
Mark! Enough! Mark! That is enough!
That is enough spoilers!
We have to see the movie!
You said too much!
[ Scattered whoo's ]
- More with Mark Ruffalo... - It's like one scene.
-...when we come back. Stick around.
Wait, so, Black Widow is not [ beep ].
- I'm sorry. Oh, God... -That's --



ハルクことマーク・ラファロがアベンジャーズ新作のネタバレ情報を暴露?! Mark Ruffalo Completely Spoils the Avengers 4 Title and Ending

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