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hi my name is Bibi and this is the scenic route so today we are doing the
film or more the trailer of you for bumblebee so for those who know those
who don't bumblebee is actually a new film coming
from Travis nya and Michael Bay and it is a series spin-off of Transformers is
what I believe it is this is the synopsis on the run in the year 1987
bumblebee the Autobot seeks refuge in the junkyard in the small California
beach town Charlie on the brink of turning 18 years old trying to find her
place in the world soon discovers the battle scarred and broken bumpy when
Charlie revives him she quickly learns that he is no ordinary yellow horse
wagon so yes another transformers I'm not
entirely fan of the first Transformers series only because they seem to be a
bit redundant and repetitive in storyline and what is happening and and
I it's kind of expected of a series to some degree but I find that a lot of
Michael Bay films are more action based rather than story driven and that is
fair enough that's just some people's company so not really mine but we'll see
this review and see whether there's more story and plot to it we'll see what
happens it's wrong will be the Carson movie is Haley's that should be heavy
Steinfeld arati and not just Hailee Steinfeld my apologies and she is not
Seinfeld Seinfeld John Cena which not many people know is not an
actor he is not an actor he's the wrestler I'm sure most people well most
of my age in though but younger people my not some some familiar faces in this
film some not so familiar oh and cheb assets in it okay
interesting okay well let's watch the trainer then
so she's buying this car as a gift to herself oh it's not a normal car is it
right so this is a Christmas movie maybe it's just me but I expect Christmas
movies that be a little bit more festive or at least have some sort of element of
family that's usually the thing about christmas memes they kind of want to
bring people together those people who do have a Christmas tradition of going
to the cinema it's a thing that people do I don't know if it's hit in the mark
in terms of being a good set up for a Christmas movie
I don't really foresee myself going to watch kids coming-of-age
/summer movie when it's snowing out that's just me again the walls the the
there's a war waging on our planet what does that mean and what planet are you
from see it just feels very much like could this have just been another
Transformers movie could this seems like they wanted to change transformers in
the casting so much so that it would have not been recognizable so it's just
worth making a whole new movie and calling it something else this to me is
just another Transformers movie I'm not seeing anything yet that would make me
believe otherwise it seems to be the same or special worry a set up of the of
the auto cars I can't tell if it's protecting her or against her not as of
yet and I'm almost halfway through the Rick trailer john cena we've seen quite
a lot of and he's not done anything remarkable but again he is not sin an
actor he's a wrestler I mean I give them that the action does look good it looks
it looks captivating and I think that's kind of Michael Bay's thing has to give
him a ish it be action cat facing action
right so the bumblebee is protecting that right right at least we know that
but I don't know if it really changes the story to me in any way it feels like
it's the city it would have been it could have very easily just been another
Transformers movie just you should have just made another one right so I've just
finished watching the trailer for the very first time and I'm underwhelmed
really I'm underwhelmed it doesn't seem like because I wasn't a super fan of the
Transformers film - I have watched them all but it wouldn't be something I would
recommend anyone watch so having the bumblebee come out I was kind of hoping
it would be a play on the Autobots but with a different story a different set
up almost giving them a new character and a new version of being but you know
it seems to be the same it seems to be the action the wars the drama the
fighting and I really liked Hailee Steinfeld I really liked her and she has
like a quirky fun best friend vibe about her she hadn't got the same vibe that
Megan Fox had in the first Transformers she's definitely not some sort of sex
appeal I think they've grown would relate relatability in this one which i
think is a smarter route to go I do like her not enough to watch the film
probably not enough to watch the film not gonna lie filmed us all a bit flat
me the trailer isn't telling me everything which is good or trailers
should give me the full story however the story does fall flat assuming that I
have gotten enough of the information in that she found it finest this phone will
be the bumblebee Esther you know save earth - somehow for whatever reason
because its own planet is waged war with with earth I get I mean I get it but I
watch it probably not I think for those who
really enjoyed really enjoyed the Transformers movies I think I might be
worth watching I think you might be able to transition quite wander into
bumblebee assuming you like the new castle
- John Cena thing some sort Sergent but other than that no I don't think I'll be
seeing this in the cinema I think this might be my first not-so-great review
bumblebee John Cena a Haley Seinfeld will you be
watching you but with one redeeming thing one redeeming thing about the film
yes the cinematography is beautiful which is kind of expected because the
microwave film it's like 50% CGI so it should be beautiful let's hope but the
one redeeming really treating redeeming thing about this film for me it's that
they have a female lead its natural female lead rather then shine LaBeouf
and his nose no no no no no no no no no no we have any Seinfeld and maybe she'll
have her own little niche little quirk mix her play the character better but
we'll see we'll see I won't be watching it in cinema but I will be following the
reviews are seeing what people say about it yeah okay okay bumblebee will you be
watching it and if so why if not why and I'll see you next week bye


Bumblebee (2018) | Initial Thoughts

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