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Bob the Canadian here.
Let's learn English …. at the gas station!
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So I noticed when I got in my van today that I was out of gas, or almost out of gas.
The gas gauge, the little dial that tells me how much gas I have left, was pretty low.
In English we would describe this as, “Running out of gas.”
We also describe it as, “Running on empty.”
Yeah, you could say I was running on empty which means there's just a tiny amount of
gas left.
I think I have enough gas to get to the gas station so that I can fill up my gas tank
in my van.
Hopefully I make it there.
So a few sentences in English to describe this, you would say, “I need gas.”
“My car needs gas.” or “My van needs gas.”
“I need to fill up with gas.”
“I need to fill up my gas tank.”
So one of the first things to look for is the price of gas, and generally there's
a nice sign on the road outside of a gas station which will let you know how much gas is going
to cost.
At this gas station gas is currently $1.20 per litre.
That's actually not too bad for right now, so let's go fill up.
At the gas station you're going to find gas pumps.
Gas pumps generally pump three different kinds of gas, but they also pump diesel.
Diesel is generally used for things like trucks and tractors.
My particular van uses gas so we're just going to fill this van up with gas.
So one of the first things I need to do is I need to open up this little door and take
off my gas cap.
This is the gas cap.
Then once I've got the gas cap off on the gas pump I need to select what type of gas
I want to purchase.
So I'm gonna take the gas nozzle out.
It's attached to the gas hose or just the hose and we're just gonna put that into
my vehicle, let me give you a look at that, so I'm ready to pump, I have my hand on
the nozzle and I'm going to go here and I'm gonna select this grade of gasoline
which is the lowest grade 'cuz that's all Bob the Canadian can afford.
Up here you'll see how many litres, might be in gallons depending on your country, how
many litres are going to go in and how much it's going to cost.
So let's pump this thing full.
So you can see the numbers going up here.
I've spent $21 dollars now.
I've put just over 18 litres into my van.
And I'm gonna pump, I'm gonna pump it full.
I'm gonna fill'er up.
So there's two different ways of buying gas.
The first way to buy gas is at a self serve gas station.
A self serve gas station is where me as the driver of the vehicle pump the gas myself.
Another way to buy gas is at a full serve gas station.
A full serve gas station, a gas attendant will come out and they will pump the gas for
So you would say to the gas attendant things like, “Please put $20 worth in.”
or “Please fill it up.”
So you could hear that little clunk sound that means we, we have successfully filled
the gas tank up.
The only thing left to do right now is I need to take out the gas nozzle and I'm gonna
put it right back here in the gas pump.
I'm also going to put my gas cap back on my vehicle and you hear that beeping sound?
That beeping sound basically is saying, “You need to go inside and pay.”
So let's go do that.
Let me get my wallet first!
You can pay for gas by just putting your credit card or your bank card straight into the pump.
You can also pay for gas by going into the store, and you saw the store earlier when
I pulled in.
We're just gonna go in here and I'm gonna pay the attendant for the gas.
“Good morning, how are you?”
No, that's it.
Thank you very much.
So there's a couple other things you can do at a gas station.
You can check your oil.
Gas is what makes the car go, oil is what keeps the engine lubricated.
So I could open up the hood of my van and I could check the oil.
That's another thing you could do at a gas station.
I might also want to wash the windows.
So if you look over here…
Oh here they are.
So if you look over here you can grab this and you can use this to wash your windows
while you're at the gas station if you needed to.
At a gas station you can also pump up your tires.
Way over there is small air pump, so if my tires were low on my vehicle I could drive
over there and in Canada you have to put money in, it usually costs a loonie, a dollar.
Super happy that I was able to fill up with gas because if you run out of gas, if your
vehicle stops moving because there's no more gas in it, you have to walk to a gas
You have to ask if you can borrow a gas can, and then you have to walk all the way back
to your vehicle.
So generally it's a good idea to fill up with gas before you run out of gas!
Well, hey, thanks for joining me on this little trip to the gas station to get some gas.
Bob the Canadian here.
Learn English with Bob the Canadian.
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I really appreciate it.
Bob the Canadian here.
I hope you have a great day!



【ボブカナディアンと英語】ガソリンスタンドで使う英単語とフレーズ大集合! (Let's Learn English at the Gas Station | English Video with Subtitles)

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