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Rob: Morning Feifei! Nice bike.
Feifei: Thanks Rob, you know I always
cycle to work. And what
a beautiful sports car!
Rob: Oh this old thing? Hey, Feifei, mind
if we take a quick selfie?
Feifei: What, me in my sweaty cycling
gear and you leaning on your fancy...
Rob: Smile!
Right! Let me just post that... out there
"I really respect my super healthy
colleague Feifei cycling to work every day.
It saves money and is so good for the
environment! Much better than lazy
little me driving this old car."
Feifei: Hang on, let me see. You know,
Rob, I'm not sure how I feel about this
post. I mean, it's a bit of a humblebrag.
Rob: A humblebrag?
Feifei: Sorry - I'll just say it straight. You
make it look like you're praising my
cycling, but in fact you're just drawing
attention to your expensive car.
Rob: Hmm.
Feifei: You look like you're being humble,
but in fact you're bragging - showing off -
about your car. It's a humblebrag.
False modesty.
Rob: OK, I get it. You're right. I suppose
that is what I was doing.
Feifei: You're not the only one. It's
everywhere on social media and in the
workplace these days. Check out
these humblebrags:
I never thought I was very good at exams,
so it's a bit confusing that I got top of the
class in all subjects again this year.
I somehow made it to the singing
competition final this year. Think the
judges need their ears testing!
Feifei: And if you want to take your
humblebragging to the next level, try
hiding your brag inside a complaint.
Examples: I'm exhausted because I've just
received two promotions in three months.
I need a holiday!
Help! I can't believe the cakes in first
class aren't sugar-free. I'll be gaining
so much weight.
Rob: Some pretty impressive
humblebrags there! But what exactly is
the problem with it?
Feifei: Well, researchers in Harvard and
the University of North Carolina have
found that if you humblebrag, people like
you less. They say you're better off
just bragging.
Rob: Just plain bragging?
Feifei: Apparently so. Humblebragging
makes you look less sincere.
Rob: Well, that makes sense. Best to say
what I think. Let me change the caption...
Right. "I'm not going to lie, I absolutely
love my new sports car. Feifei's bike isn't
bad either."
Feifei: That'll do! Let me just comment...
"Get some exercise!"
Rob: Very funny. Bye bye!
Feifei: Bye!



【BBC日常英語】Humblebrag: 謙虚を装った自慢 (Humblebrag: The English We Speak)

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