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Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite
"Why I Got Fired" stories from you guys.
This first one's from @Mishel0107.
She says...
I was hired to bartend with no experience whatsoever.
I got fired when someone ordered a rum and coke and I asked, "What's in a rum and coke?"
Is that a vodka?
-This one's from @BarChefPro. -BarChefPro?
This person would know what's in a rum and coke.
He says...
A friend of mine called into work to say she was sick.
The manager said, "I don't believe you," so my friend responded, "Well, then I'm calling in drunk."
Honesty --
Honesty's the best policy.
[ Slurred ] How many drunk days are we allowed?
[ Slurred ] Well, they didn't know how to make
the rum and coke. -Had some rum.
And Captain Morgan beat the crap outta me.
This one's from @virgogirl93.
I wonder if she went to school with my friend Mark Reeves.
-She says... -I doubt it.
I asked Ryan Reynolds for an autograph while he was having dinner at the restaurant I worked at.
My boss yelled, "YOU'RE FIRED!" and I yelled back, "TOTALLY WORTH IT!"
That's right.
It is worth it to get an autograph from Ryan Reynolds.
I love that dude.
This one's from @Hollyb32.
She says...
My friend decided to vent on Facebook about how much she hated her job, but she accidentally tagged her boss in the post.
They fired her in the comments.
The future is here.
This one's from @MargoBeo8471590.
It's so catchy.
Just rolls off the tongue.
Very easy to remember.
She says...
Back in 1990, I got fired from Walmart for getting on the PA system and yelling, "EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!"
Give me the music
-That was Zelma. -It's getting. It's getting.
-It's getting. -No. Would you like
Was that a different song? -"I've Got the Power."
-That's "I've Got the Power"
you're thinking of.
Everybody d-- How's it go?
Everybody dance now
I've got the power
It's getting, it's getting, it's getting kinda hectic
-Love. -Getting kinda hectic?
But then if you're in Walmart, you're like,
"Uh, can you, uh, help me move this TV?"
"Because it's getting,
it's getting, it's getting kinda heavy.
It's getting, it's getting, it's getting kinda heavy
Everybody dance now
Which one?
"Everybody dance now," and then she's like,
"Give me the music," right?
Then she's like...?
That's good.
I'm lovin' it
No, no, no.
That's a different song. -No? Different one?
This one's from @kidatheart216.
She says, "I booked a hotel overseas
so my boss could attend a conference.
It turned out it was a brothel."
It's like, "Someone got a raise. "
This one's from patchworkgreg. Ooh, that sounds scary.
Ooh, that sounds spicy.
He says...
My friend used his iPhone to call the call center he worked at,
then talked to himself for a couple hours to look like he was working.
-Why don't you just pick up...? -Yeah, fake phone.
You just pick the phone and fake it.
He probably got charged for it.
-Minutes -- ah, whatever.
This one's from hweir222.
He says...
I was a cashier at Fuddruckers, and one day out of boredom we tried to ring up $1 million worth of food on my register.
A quarter way to our goal, the computer froze. Service was halted for 18 minutes while the receipt printed.
I'm going to CVS.
This last one's from @MeganMary19.
She says...
I brought my Dunkin' Donuts coffee into my job at Starbucks.
There you go. Those are your "Tonight Show" hashtags.
To check out more of our favorites, go to...



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