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- These kids back here have no idea what's about to happen.
I'm about to give them a hundred dollars in cash,
one hour to spend it.
If they don't spend it in an hour they don't get anything.
Let's go surprise 'em.
Come on.
I have a challenge for you.
You think you're up to it?
- Yeah.
- What is that?
- Money.
- A hundred dollars.
- A hundred.
- You have one hour to spend a hundred dollars.
- I got an hour?
- If you don't spend all the money in the hour
you don't get to keep anything you bought.
What do you think you're going to do,
what's your plan of attack?
- Maybe give it to people?
- Candy.
- Ice cream.
- Let's go, let's find that ice cream.
What are you going to get?
- Stuff for my room and stuff for school.
- [Host] Where do you wanna go, you have to make a decision.
- Dylan's Candy Bar.
- All right, you're going to Candy Bar first?
Ready, the timer starts now.
Let's go.
- You got to run.
There's this toy called Treasure X.
It comes with this little skeleton guy.
- [Host] You have to be able to spend it all in an hour.
- All of it?
- All of it.
- I don't know.
- [Host] I see an ice cream truck guys.
- [Sal] Let's get it before it goes away.
- [Annie] Finally, we made it.
- [Host] We made it.
- [Annie] Vanilla.
- [Host] Okay.
- One hundred.
- Here, put it in here and then hold on to it.
- We'll go to the toy store first.
Oh be careful.
- [Sal] Can I just eat my ice cream now?
- [Host] Yeah, but just so you know time is ticking.
You're gonna have 40 minutes left to spend the money.
You only spent four of the dollars.
What are you gonna get Owen?
- I'm looking for it.
That's Minecraft.
- [Host] You like that?
- That's a little TNT mug.
Look at it, it's a hilarious mug.
- [Host] What are you looking for again?
- It's like a piece of gold and a weird skeleton figure.
I have no idea if it's even here.
- Let's see, is there anything else you want?
- Not really.
- If I were a kid I'd be grabbing everything I see.
Owen's very particular.
He really wants this one toy.
- How many minutes was it already?
At least I got some change back.
- There's Dylan's Candy Bar.
- [Skyla] Wow.
- [Host] Anything seem good, that?
You gonna get stuff here, what do you like?
You're getting a lot of different stuff.
- Come on Sal, don't be scared of a brain freeze,
you gonna eat so fast right,
'cause we gotta get to spend that money.
What are you going to do with your money now?
- [Sal] I'm going to put it in the bank.
- That's, you don't want to get toys,
you want to put it in the bank?
- [Sal] Let's do this money thing!
Are those pigeons?
- Yeah, there are a bunch of pigeons.
- [Annie] There's a lot of pigeons.
- [Host] Come on, don't get distracted.
All right, so we're going to walk
through the farmer's market.
- [Sal] I'm getting corn.
- It says five for two dollars.
- It's because I don't want to eat too much corn.
- [Host] Yeah, do you have a plan?
- I don't know, maybe flowers.
- These ones.
- [Host] You want this one?
- Come on spend this money.
I'm buying it for someone.
- Oh, you're buying it for someone?
- Yep.
- That's nice of you.
It's for me?
Oh my god that's so sweet.
- [Sal] Is it four dollars?
- Two.
- [Sal] We're really spending this money.
- You're gonna have to pay for the cab though.
- [Owen] Yes.
- You're willing to do it to get to that toy?
- [Owen] Yeah.
- [Host] All right, let's do it, let's hail a cab.
- Cab!
- [Host] How much do you think you're gonna spend at Target?
You know what I think we should see
how much all this stuff is
to make sure you can get it all, all right?
- Whatever candy I like I got and some random stuff.
I want cotton candy please.
- [Host] You know how cotton candy gets made?
- With sugar.
My brothers, they're gonna be jealous.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- I'm going to be the coolest kid in school.
- This is kind of like the craziest contest.
I'm going to pay you by dollars.
How much money is it?
- [Cab Driver] $9.90.
- Nine, 10.
Here I'll give you four or five dollars for it.
- [Host] Yeah, save some.
- All right I'll give you a little more.
I know it sounds really expensive but.
I gave a lot of money away.
- [Host] That's why you put it in the bank, to save it?
- Because I really don't want to spend that money.
- [Host] Wait a second, Sal.
- What?
- Here's a bank, do you want to stop in?
Did you want to stop and put your money in now?
- [Sal] No, I want to go to the toy store instead.
- Okay we're going to the toy store.
- [Host] Do you guys want to buy any tiles?
- [Sal] No. - [Annie] No.
- [Host] No, okay sure.
- [Sal] We're almost there.
- [Host] Whew.
- I'm all right.
- [Host] Whew.
Do you see it?
- Yeah!
X marks the spot.
- [Host] Do you want to pick out some more stuff to get?
- I might spend the rest on that one.
To upstairs!
All right.
- [Host] Careful.
- [Owen] Nice, let's take the elevator.
- [Host] Okay, what do you guys want?
What do you like?
You like unicorns?
Should I grab one?
Oh okay you want that one.
- [Annie] Mm-hmm.
- All right good.
All right, there's one thing.
That's 10 bucks so you got a lot more you can get.
- I can hold that.
- You only have a certain amount of time.
- [Sal] Found it.
- [Host] Found, that's something you want?
- Ours is broken now.
- [Host] That's smart, that's smart.
Replace broken things.
- I'm not getting a costume until Halloween.
- Okay, well you could get it for Halloween.
- I feel like I want a costume.
Hey do you want a bow and arrow?
- Yeah.
I want a bow and arrow.
Just think think think.
- We just went to Dylan's Candy Bar.
Where are we going next?
- Yeah.
- You have 10 minutes, do you think you can do it?
- [Skyla] Yeah.
- Yes!
Wait, I'm already paying so I made it.
- You might have some leftover
and then you have to get rid of that money.
How much money do you have left?
Four dollars?
- Yeah.
- [Host] Okay.
- One two three.
- You might want to get more Annie.
Do you need help Annie?
And then I'm going to count them.
Nine, 10.
- [Sal] 71.
- [Host] Is that how much money you have left?
Do you know?
- Eh.
- I have one more dollar left.
- What are you going to spend it on?
- Something in the toy store.
- [Host] Do you want me to hold that for you?
So let's go.
Do you know what your size is?
- [Skyla] Yeah.
- [Host] Okay.
- [Skyla] I got headbands and tights.
- [Host] Nice.
- I have more money left.
- [Host] How much more do you need?
- I have one more left.
- Yeah, give me one more dollar left.
- [Host] And how much change?
- Nothing left.
- [Host] Nothing left?
You need nine more cents guys.
- But we don't have nine more cents.
- [Host] What are you guys gonna do?
- One minute left and you have to have to spend
four dollars and some amount of change.
How do you think you're gonna do it?
- I'll give it to somebody.
- [Host] You'll give it to someone, okay here we go.
- Mommy, I have a quarter in my backpack.
We can.
- [Host] Annie, you're doing that for your brother?
- Four dollars.
You're welcome.
- [Man] Good job Owen.
I won.
- Good.
You worked together to solve this.
Do you think you spent your hundred dollars wisely?
- Not really.
- I got a hundred dollars and I spent it good.
- What made you give that woman the four dollars at the end?
- She looked nice.
- What felt better, helping your brother
or getting all the toys?
- Helping my brother.
- Working together.
(pleasant music)
- I won the challenge.
- [Host] Okay we're good.
That was so cute.
(pleasant music)



We Gave Kids One Hour To Spend $100

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