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Namaste friend
today we are going to start kick boxing
cardio workout,
jab jab
jab jab cross
upper cut upper cut
jab jab cross jab jab cross upper cut upper cut
we are going
to blend one kick boxing
and one core workout
first we are doing kick boxing
we'll do it for 60 sec
then take a break of 10 sec
then we do core workout for 60 sec
so now i am doing it from one side
means uppercut from left hand
then i will repeat the same by right hand
core workout is common for both
this is best for fat loss
generally we do cardio
on elliptical or bike
or treadmill
now i am taking 10 sec break
and now i'll start
it can be done in many ways
i am doing the simplest form
i am taking a jump and leaning back
and again a jump
and again leaning back
in this workout, you sweat
like hell
and fat loss is maximum
Look i am not doing it fully
because i am doing it after two years
so i am not doing it fully
you can do side burpies too
so i was telling that people do cycling
elliptical and treadmill
and then they feel
that their
cardio workout is completed
they are sweating a lot
but it will take around 40 min
as every exercise take 15 min.
but what
i am going
to tell you is
time saving
and it is known as high intensity interval
look, i have completed my one set from one side
so it is
actually half of the set
now after 10 sec
i have changed my stance
jab jab cross jab jab cross upper cut upper cut
so this set will be completed in this stance
and after that burpies.
so one complete set take 5 mn.
and i will do 4 such exercises
and it will take complete 20 min
and these
20 min are
full of sweat.
those who have less time to work out
it is best workout for them.
It may be possible that
when you are at initial level
like me right now,
stressing out
my energy is going down
so you can do like
you start a bit slow
but you have to
complete it
no matter what, don't stop
when you'll do it
you'll sweat a lot
and all
but don't stop
initially you can go
for 3 exercises
for 15 min.
but after that you'll come
to know you invest a lot of energy
and one more thing
you can get best results
when you do it early morning
After getting up, just do your
daily jobs
and the start your work out
After 15 min of workout
you have
for 15-20 min.
or you can do yoga
or breathing exercise
that is best for relaxation.
this is heavy workout
stretch your body after this.
and breathing exercise, you should do.
During meditation, your body is fixed in position
for 15-20 min
and rest is necessary after this workout
now my one set is completed
now i will start second one
after completion of workout
when you meditate for 15-20 min
you'll regain the energy
you can chant AUM too
so you have to sit at a place
or you can do SHAVASANA
Now i am doing hook hook
duck duck hook hook uppercut
duck duck hook hook uppercut
and so on
In boxing, there are 4 to 5 types
punches, as i am doing
like hook, uppercut
jab and cross
so in these punches
we can make a combo
In this exercise, we have to move our body
as you can see
Since i am doing after a long time
so i am not doing it perfectly but
i will show you again after one month
in one month, i will do it perfectly
Because when we hook, upper body must move
but in my case, my hands are moving only
When our upper body is involved, our abs will also work.
After completing 60 sec,
again i have taken a break of 10 sec
sometimes people drink water in this break
don't drink water
and don't sit during the break
now i have started my another core exercise
it is known as mountain climbing
and i am not doing it perfectly again
butts must be down
and legs must come to tummy
2 years back, i used to do very fast
right now i am doing it slowly
as i have to finish the work out
and it's too hot these days
so in gym, although a.c. is on but
i am sweating very much
after sometime, you'll see the droplets on the floor
so do it for 60 sec
if you do it very fast
as i used to do
it will be stopped in between
so i do it a bit slow
in this break,
i m jumping
but not sitting
now have changed my stance
duck duck hook hook and uppercut
boxers do it very fasst
but we can do it too
i m not teaching you boxing
if you do so,
then in 15-20 min
you can lose as much of your fat
as in the cardio of 45 min
and it is known as hiit
break interval is very small
and work out is of high intensity
we can mix some other workouts too
like i am doing kick boxing, some people use MUAY THAI
a kind of martial art.
look i haven't sit and haven't drink water
ow after taking 10 sec break
i will do the mountain climbing
so i was sating that we can use MUAY THAI
on you tube you can find n number of exercises
but some of them need wooden dummy
but i will show you these arts without dummy
next week
As i have done it before
so i am doing it right now
i was not sure that i would do it
so i am doing it slowly
you can also start it slowly
after sometime, you'll be perfect
you'll be enjoyed
one more important thing
some people think that only workout is responsible for fat loss
so i am telling you that it's not true
your diet matters allot
for fat loss
i am also restricting my diet
but this time i am massing up myself
may be you can see that
my bodyfat is 16%
but after three months
i will start my muscle mode program
and lose my fat
and this is the most important exercise for fat loss
you can do it in alternate days
in gap days you can do something else
now see the third exercise
lock and then
jab cross knee and uppercut
lock jab cross knee
i have made the combo of 4-5 punches
and i am using the knee
if someone want to workout on their legs
they can add some kicks too
i am using half kicks
some people want strong legs
they can add kicks, i haven't used legs in first two
i am using it in last two
i am only doing half kicks
you can do full kicks
and after completion of this
i am using new core exercises
i am doing alternate jump
you can do skipping rope
you legs must make
90 degree with your body while coming up
i am tired a lot
and i haven't done any cardio
so today it is going very tough
but you can do skipping rope
you can do star jumps too
but it is a bit advanced
i have taken a deep breathe in between
and i started again
so likewise you can do
this is very important for those who are fatso
it is best
jumping is difficult for fat person
because of kneepain and all
but this hand movements
these are good
it will benefit you within two months
but diet must be proper
you'll see the difference
even in one month
if any one need a diet plan
like if your body fat is more that 30%
i will keep the diet plan in my description box
but you have to ask it
because it is not same for all
you have to send your picture
use the plan and this workout
within one month
3-4 % body fat will melt down
i have tried it on my own
i use the 6 weeks program usually
i have reduced it from 16-13 %
so you can also do it
look i am tired a lot now
look one more thing, after completion of one set
like it is completing now,
i missed something
after completion of one set
30 sec break is there
oh sorry i haven't completed yet
it is about to complete
now it is complete
before starting new exercise, you can take 30 sec break
so my first exercise was completed in 5 min
sorry 4 and half
and 30 sec break
and then i have started second
and now it is 4th one
so in these 30 sec
if you are very much tired
you can take 1 or 2 sip
or you can take glucose
for instant energy
but initially
not always, now this new work out
knee knee
hook hook hook hook
knee knee
hook hook hook hook uppercut
now sweating is at peak
just look at the floor
you can slip due to sweat drops
so you have to be careful about that
you can use mat at home
now i am very slow
i used to some difficult exercises some times back
now core exercise is
a bit difficult
but my energy level is down
10-20% is left
so initially
you'll fell the same as i am feeling now
and at this point
your hearbeats will be high
body temperature can be rised
but don't stop
be consistent
you can go slow
take a break of 10 sec
now look at my body
he has done 20 min cardio on treamill
and i am also doing it for last 20 min
but there is difference between the workouts
because in case of running, we use our legs
but not the complete body
but here i am moving whole body
so on initial level, you can opt
3 exercises for 15 min.
and take a break of 20 min
for meditation
students should do it
its good for parents
you can see the kids
with huge tummy
as they don't wanna go for outdoor sports
so they must do it
in door
now look this is the actual rhythm of last exercise
last time i was doing slow
i am doing it very fast as i know that it is my last set


HIIT WORKOUT: KICK BOXING, Fastest way to reduce fat by using 20 min a day.

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