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It's a super populated manga and anime
character in Japan, whose name is
Detective Conan.
There he is, that's real.
Detective Conan, yes...
Detective Conan...
Ladies and gentlemen, Detective Conan is
a man who's trapped in a child's body
and solves crimes.
Sound a little familiar?
I don't solve crimes,
but I'm a man trapped in a child's body,
my name is Conan.
Now I have established that Detective Conan is clearly
a rip-off of yours truly.
Detective Conan was created in 1994,
that's year after I went on the air
to instant international acclaim.
Now, get this, Detective Conan is so popular in Japan
that there is an actual city Hokuei that's been renamed Conan Town.
I'm not making this up.
A whole city called Conan Town.
Get this, Conan Town even named their
train station and their air port after Detective Conan.
Now, clearly, you have to be a genius to see
someone's making a lot of money off the Conan name.
Wouldn't you agree, Andy the attorney?
Absolutely, it's an open-and-shut case.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
I'd ask you but you didn't go to any graduate school.
I...I've..I haven't been listening.
Finally, I've got a sidekick that listens to me,
and he's only here for one night.
Anyway, so the other night, I reasonably asked Japan to pay me 3 trillion yen,
because I thought that was only fair.
This thing has made a lot of money
for a long time for 24 years.
Plus, I asked the mayor of Conan Town to
change the name of the town's most popular coin laundry to
American Conan's FLUFF 'N FOLD,
which I thought was fair. -[Andy] small price
Small price. And I asked them to change
the hair on their Detective Conan statue
to something a little more iconic and recognizable around the world.
the plot thickens.
Over the weekend, the mayor of Conan Town
responded to my very reasonable request with his own set of demands.
He made a video. Let's take a look.
Hello from Hokuei Town,
aka Conan town in Japan.
I am Mayor Matsumoto.
I have a few modest demands too.
I want my face next to
President Lincoln
on Mout Rushmore.
I want my own star
on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
I want you to bring
American hamburgers
with you when you come.
That's one for each citizen of Conan Town.
Be here...
or be square.
Don't mess with that guy!
Clearly, I did not realize who I was dealing with.
Mayor Matsumoto, I know you're watching,
and I say this with all respect,
you are a very shrewd negotiator.
You got me.
I will fulfill all three of your request.
You wanted your face out at the Mount Rushmore,
but I'll do you one better,
instead of sharing Rushmore with four other people,
who wants that?
I got you your very own mountain right here in Burbank California.
Check it out!
(audience cheering) - [Andy]wow
Look at that!
He is emerging from the hillside.
Isn't that amazing?
[Andy] Yeah
Now trust me, trust me Mayor,
this is an actual real window looking out on an real mountain,
isn't that right, Andy?
It's Burbank alright,
cause I can keep an eye on my wife.
Alright, very nice.
What do you say other Andy? Real right?
Absolutely real.
Spoken like a true lawyer.
Next, you asked me for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Luckily for you, I'm a pretty big deal in this town,
and in show business in general,
I made one of two phone calls and went right to the top,
and I easily got you your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Take a look.
(audience laughing and clapping)
(Conan laughing like a maniac)
And finally, you asked for
150,000 American hamburgers,
one for every resident in Conan Town.
The problem is, Mr. Mayor,
I don't know how everybody likes them,
some people like theirs medium rare,
some like them well done,
so I'm gonna (drum) ...so...
a little early...
(Conan and audience laughing)
so I'm gonna ship you all the material
you need to make the burgers yourselves!
(audience cheering)
That's right, Mr. Mayor, that's right.
In one week's time,
in exactly one week's time,
this steer will be parachuted into Conan Town,
for you and your citizens can do whatever you like to have
perfect American hamburgers.
Let's get this shipping label
on that steer right now!
Let's get it ready to go!
(audience cheering)
Very nice.
Mayor Matsumoto, I met all of your demands.
Now it's time for me to call your bluff.
I want my 3 trillion yen,
so here's what's gonna happen,
and this is real,
next week I am flying to Japan and
coming to Conan Town to collect my money.
I'll be there!
I'm going to be there!
And Mr. Mayor, I'lll be square!
(audience cheering)


【コナン・オブライエン 英語・日本語字幕付】コメディアン、コナン・オブライエンが来日宣言!(Conan Announces His Trip To Japan - CONAN on TBS)

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