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- Okay, those look really fun,
but then there's the Kellogg hills.
- That's up in Pasada.
- [Curly hair girl] Walking down the street.
What if our arms were just one, fleshy loop.
That would be so weird.
- We should try and find someone that would know. - Oh, right there.

- [Curly hair girl] Who are these people?
- [Guy] Let's speak with her. - [Straight hair girl] Hi.
- [Straight hair girl] Hi. - [Guy] Hey there.
- I'm so sorry.
We're actually visiting from Canada,
and we're a bit lost.
- Yeah, uh, would it be too much to ask you for directions?
- No, ask away.
- [Guy] Thank you, great.
- Well, we actually forgot the name of the spot, eh.
- [Curly hair girl] Crap, crap, crap, crap.
I don't know where anything is.
I need directions just to get home from work every day.
Why did I say yes?
Could have easily said, "Nope, sorry."
Why do I need to be liked?
- There's like a big statue with wings.
- [Curly hair girl] Statue with wings.
That sounds familiar.
I think I, I think I do know where this is.
Wow, I'm gonna save these innocent fools' vacation.
(sound of wind blowing)
- Are you okay?
- Yes, sorry, sorry.
Um, yeah, I totally, I totally know where that is actually.
- [Both Canadians] Oh, great.
- You're gonna go ten blocks straight.
You're gonna go four blocks, four blocks left,
and then three blocks right and it's gonna be,
it's gonna be right there.
- Oh wonderful - Thanks so much.
Okay, ten straight...
Okay, cool.
Have fun, have fun in America.
- [Guy] Thank you.
- [Curly hair girl] Crazy Canadians.
- [Guy] Thank you.
- [Curly hair girl] Wait, that statue doesn't have wings.
Oh no, I gave them the wrong directions.
They're gonna be so lost, wandering for days.
Maybe I can fix this.
(triumphant music)
- Picnic on some fancy grass.
- You guys, you guys, I'm sorry.
I don't know where that thing is.
I lied.
- We appreciate your honesty.
- Hey, do wanna be our best friend?
- Yes, I do!
Eh, I'm sure they'll be fine.
(upbeat music)


道案内あるある (When You Give Wrong Directions (When You Give Wrong Directions)

985 タグ追加 保存
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