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Now, I thought I'd share
some of my favorite #WhyIQuit stories from you guys.
This first one's from @soupymcsoupface.
[ Laughter ]
He says, "My boss refused to correct my name badge which said 'Brain' instead of 'Brian.' He said, 'You're Brain now, so deal with it.'"
[ Laughter and applause ]
Right? Okay, Brain?
Nope. Now I'm Soupy McSoupface.
I'll show-
I'll show him, yeah.
[ Laughter ]
"You call me Brain, man?"
"You can't call me Brain at all, man."
"Call me Soupy McSoupface."
This one is from @toshoonly.
"To," like t-o.
Like "too shoon"?
-It's been too shoon. -Too shoon. Too soon.
[ Laughter ]
She says, "My boss made me give him piggyback rides after we mopped the floors every night so there would be fewer footprints."
[ Laughter and applause ]
Giddy-up! Giddy-up!
Let's go! Come on! -Come on, Brain!
[ Percussion imitating hoofbeats ]
What in the world? "Come on, Brain!"
"Don't be slippin' on that wet floor! Piso mojado!"
[ Laughter ]
This one's from @brennancarrow.
She says, "I babysat this kid who kept pointing at me and saying, 'You're next.' After the fourth time, I gave my two weeks notice."
[ Laughter and applause ]
You're next.
[ Deep voice ] You're next.
[ Gravelly voice ] Redrum, Mrs. Torrance.
[ Laughter ]
This one's from @kschmooze.
[ Laughter ]
-That's her real last name. -Yeah, that's her last name.
-Yeah, Schmooze. -Kathryn Schmooze.
Kathryn Schmooze.
[ Laughter ]
She says,"My old job had a phone in the restroom. Our boss would call it if he thought you'd been in there too long."
Oh! Come on, man.
-That's not good. -What? Come on, dude.
Come on, man.
This one's from @johnathanyoung.
He said, "My boss asked if I had a knife to open a box. I gave her one. I was later written up for having a knife at work."
Come on. That's entrapment!
Come on, that's catch-22.
[ Laughter ]
Hey, Brain, you got a knife?
Yeah, yeah, Brain.
This one's from @yzracer81.
He says, "I made a mistake at work and my boss called me up to chew me out. At the end of the conversation he made me say, 'I've been a bad boy.'"
I don't -- I don't know.
That wasn't about work.
[ Laughs ]
- I don't know, man. -Yeah.
This one is from @captainharris1.
He says, "I worked at a convenience store for one day. I quit when I saw the instructions for 'what to do when you get robbed.' Not 'if' - 'WHEN.'"
This place gets robbed?
-A lot. -I'm getting out of here.
[ Applause ]
Last one's from @verambassi.
She says, "Instead of hitting the 1 key for the number of copies, I typed 1111 and couldn't make the printer stop. I left before they finished."
I'm taking off. There you have it.
Those are our "Tonight Show" hashtags.
To check out more of our favorites,
go to tonightshow.com/hashtags.



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