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  • -What's going on man, you pregnant? -No, my wife watched that food documentary.

  • And you should never ask that unless you're sure by the way.

  • Ah, yeah... peanut butter cup, Doritos, sausage car panini. Now let's crack a Cadbury egg over the whole thing.

  • Just gonna use my spare glove compartment underwear as a napkin. I can't believe Randy Quaid gets to eat like this every day.

  • -Peter is that you? -Cleveland? -Are you cooking in your car? -... I am

  • -Is this because of 'Food Kills'? -Oh, you saw that movie too?

  • We watched Tyler Perry's 'Food Kills', which is the same movie except it stars black folks.

  • You've never heard of and white folks you don't hear from anymore, but yeah.

  • Now Donna is forcing me to eat healthy. I always get confused is Donna the wife, or is Roberta the wife.

  • I don't know man can I have some of that sandwich.

  • Our hands just touched.

  • Hmm Wow Peter, that's good, that's real good.

  • -I'm not sure what we're doing now... -Excuse me, whatever you've gotten there smells incredible.

  • Man, my wife won't let me eat any of that stuff. Tell you what, I'll give you ten bucks for that thing. Yeah, me too Wow

  • Huh if I sell two sandwiches for $10 each that equals

  • money,

  • -Peter you just made $20 from two sandwiches. -Oh, you're right. Hey, maybe I could turn this into a business.

  • You know selling sandwiches from a car wonder how much I could make.

  • Whoops, I stopped thinking about math and started thinking about baby man Billy Corgan being sad at Disneyland.

  • -Peter what the hell is this? This, Lois, is my new food truck.

  • Specialize in an all the delicious unhealthy foods that you won't let me eat.

  • Cuz you don't let me eat what I want to eat.

  • And that and uh I am super dizzy and there might be a gas leak in this thing.

  • I can't believe you'd buy a food truck.

  • -What are you even selling? First of all, believe it baby, second, mostly hamburgers where the buns is jelly doughnuts

  • and drinks where hotdogs is the straws.

  • -Another milkshake, please. - Look,

  • I'm happy for the business, but drinking that on your knees is it's putting a hat on a hat. -Look at this food

  • It's gross and unhealthy it's exactly the stuff. I'm trying to get you not to eat

  • Yeah, but people like this food it makes them happy

  • I mean you could eat sprouts and vegan crap your entire life and still get devoured by gremlins.

  • and and and none of it matters.

  • So you're saying you shouldn't take care of yourself because you might get devoured by gremlins. Get a clue, mama.

  • -Think of what you're doing to your body PETA. -Oh there we go you think I'm overweight. -I know you're overweight.

  • -Yeah, I'll have the swedish fish tacos. -You want the can of chili dumped on top or on the side?

  • -What does the chef recommend? Me I like to squeeze the cans so hard the chili flies into my mouth like Popeye do it up.

  • You get it. Let me put on my bandana fire up my very loud what generator, and get cooking.

  • -Peter, this isn't over! -What?!

  • It'll be $16.

  • $16 that's expensive.

  • Yes, sir.

  • Everything's very expensive because you're paying for it on an iPad.

  • Now if you'll just select a gratuity. Options are 60 percent 90 percent and two hundred percent.

  • Uh, I guess 60 percent okay great and just sign by dragging your bare finger across this thing. I use to masturbate.

  • Uh Okay.

  • Thank you. Please make sure to bang your head on that low-hanging thing. -What are you? Oh?

  • You spilled something. You want a napkin yes, please alright. Here's 40 blown by the wind

-What's going on man, you pregnant? -No, my wife watched that food documentary.


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