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We are hanging out with Ariana Grande!
[ Cheers and applause ] "Sweetener!"
"Sweetener" is out officially right now.
Pal -- -That's crazy.
-Your album is out right now! -That's crazy.
-I love you, man! [ Cheers and applause ]
I'm so happy to be here with you when it's out.
-That's so cool. That's the first time I raised
my hand for a high five, and someone's actually given me one.
Thank you so much. -Oh, really?
Do people leave you hanging? -Oh, every time.
-It happened to me earlier tonight.
You'll see. -Every time.
-Let's talk about this. I want to know about this.
-Okay. -So, "Sweetener."
First of all, I've listened to the --
I know, on the other side.
So, "Raindrops" is such a great way to open the record.
-Thank you. -It is just gorgeous.
-Thank you. -And I go, "Oh, my gosh."
Your voice comes out, I go, "That's exactly who --
this is what you paid for, man." This is the best.
-Oh, thank you. -You're so talented,
and I say that every time, but I really do mean it.
-Oh, thank you. -But you're going to give us
a little -- almost like a listening party.
-Yeah. -What is -- all right.
"Breathin'." -Okay, yeah, so "Breathin'."
[ Screaming ]
All right. So, talk about "Breathin'."
-I hear my people.
So, "Breathin'" is about, uh -- breathing.
[ Light laughter ] -Yeah, all right, there you go.
-And when you're anxious, and you're -- yeah, um --
-No, tell me the story. -It's about kind of like --
it's about anxiety and feeling like you can't get --
You know when you feel like you can't get a full breath?
That's, like, the worst feeling in the whole world.
-It's crazy. -Yeah, so it's just a song
about, like, that feeling.
-Were you having an anxiety attack?
-Well, I was having lots of them.
[ Laughs ] I mean, there was no end.
But it was just -- yeah. I, uh -- but yeah.
-And then who calmed you down, or what calmed you down?
-Well, we -- I mean, we were in the studio.
We were writing, and I was like, "Ugh!"
I was like, "I can't breathe!" And they were like,
"We're going to write this song," and I was like,
"Okay, I still can't breathe, but we'll write it."
-Yeah. So you end up writing this song.
-Yeah, we made this song. I can kind of breathe now.
So it was good progress. -It's a fun song, though.
It turned into a poppy, good -- -Yeah, we made a pop song.
-Yeah, here it is, "Breathin." First taste of this.
Here we go. [ Song begins ]
♪ Control my mind ♪
♪ Don't know what else to try, but you tell me every time ♪
♪ Just keep breathin' and breathin' and breathin' ♪
♪ And breathin' ♪ [ Screaming ]
♪ I know I got to keep, keep on breathin' ♪
♪ Just keep breathin' and breathin' and breathin' ♪
♪ And breathin' ♪ -I mean --
♪ I know I got to keep, keep on breathin' ♪
♪ Mmm, sometimes ♪
♪ It's hard to find my way ♪ -Now I'm getting into it
♪ Up into the clouds ♪ -And start clapping.
-Now it's like a lip synch.
Now it's like a lip synch battle.
♪ You remind me of the time ♪
♪ When things weren't so complicated ♪
This is so cool. [ Song is stopped ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
Thank you for letting us do that.
Thank you for letting us do that.
Thank you for letting us play the songs before they're out.
I have never been more nervous in my whole life.
My feet are like they're braided.
-Good. Oh, I love -- this is exciting!
Thank you, yeah. Thank you for listening.
Oh, please. [ Cheers and applause ]
Let's see, which ones do I love? Obviously, well,
"No Tears Left to Cry." Obviously.
Ooh, I'll tell you a song that surprised me on this album.
I did not know there was a song called "Pete Davidson"
on your album. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Now, did Pete know that there's a song called "Pete Davidson"
on the album? -Well, I mean, he does now.
[ Light laughter ]
Yeah, probably now. When did you write this song?
Like, a week after we started hanging out and stuff.
-Yeah. -I just made it and I sent it
to him, and I didn't know what to call it,
so I just called it "Pete." [ Light laughter ]
-Just called it "Pete Davidson." -It was either going to be that
or like, "This is About Pete Davidson."
[ Light laughter ]
I was like, why not, you know? Be direct.
-Well, you guys want to hear a little bit of --
[ Screaming ]
♪ I thought you into my life, whoa ♪
♪ Look at my mind, yeah ♪
♪ No better place or time Look how they align ♪
♪ Universe must have my back ♪
♪ Fell from the sky into my lap ♪
♪ And I know you know that you're my soulmate ♪
♪ And all that I'm like, ooh ♪
-[ Laughs ] [ Screaming ]
♪ Ooh, my whole life gonna be ready for you ♪
-That is beautiful. -Thank you.
-I mean, can you imagine? What was --
[ Song is stopped ] What was Pete's reaction?
[ Cheers and applause ]
He must have lost it. He must have been so touched.
-Yeah. -I'm so happy for you guys.
-Thank you. -I know both of you guys.
-Yeah. -I know you better than --
yeah, I know you more than Pete. -He got in so much trouble
when he was on your show. -Well, he was bad.
Dude, he was a bad boy when he was on my show, but you were
actually standing off to the side watching him.
-I was on the floor.
I was like -- -Yeah, I know, I know.
We were playing with each other. But honestly, you know,
I've known you forever, and I've never seen you more happy.
-Oh, thank you. -So I just want to say
I'm just happy for you. -Thank you.
-And I love you. And I go --
when did you guys even start dating?
Did you meet on "SNL"? -No, well, we met on "SNL,"
and -- like, two, three years ago, or whenever that was,
we never, like, exchanged numbers or anything.
We weren't even like friends for a long time, but I had
the biggest crush in the world on him the whole time.
Like, forever. Like, my friends used to
make fun of me for all of that stuff.
-You never said anything to him? -No, of course not.
I figured, whatever.
-Did you ever say, like, "Hey, one day I'm going to --"
-That's literally like -- this is so -- everyone's going
to be like -- but I, like, left his writer's room,
and we were, like, writing skits and stuff for the show.
And I -- my tour manager was in the hallway, and like,
I'm not a crushy person. I don't have, like, crushes
on people I don't know. I'm not crushy, but I left
and I, like, jokingly said to my tour manager, I was like,
"I'm --" I was like, "I'm marrying him, 100%."
[ Audience aws ] I was like,
"I'm literally marrying him." -And this was before you even
started dating, or hanging out? -We weren't even friends.
Like, didn't even see him at the afterparty.
Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, it was like, whatever.
-What does Mom think? What does Nona, what does
Grandma think? =They -- Nona loves him.
Nona's like -- she's like, "Oh, Peter!"
Well, the first time they FaceTimed, she called him David.
And she was like, "Oh, David!" [ Laughter ]
She was like, "You're a nice Italian boy, huh?"
And he was like, "I'm only 20%,
but I could be more if you want."
[ Laughter ]
-That's a great Pete Davidson, by the way, yeah.
-She's like, "No, I'd love to see you do your stand-up."
I was like, "Nona, relax." I was like, "Nona."
-What did he say? He was like, "Sure?"
He was like, "I don't know, it's pretty dirty, Nona."
And she's like, "Well, I like it like --" I was like, Nona!
[ Laughter ]
I was like, "Nona!" -Nona, I'm hanging up the phone
right now. -I was like, "Nona!"
-Don't talk like that, Nona. -Stop.
-You've got to give her my best, 'cause you know I love her.
I love the whole family.
Do you have a favorite? I know it's hard to ask
an artist what their favorite song is.
-Yeah. I feel like at the moment...
-Yeah, exactly. -...I do have one.
Y'all probably know it though.
-Which one do you think? -"R.E.M."?
-They guessed it, "R.E.M." -Yeah.
"R.E.M." -That's the homies right there.
-You want to hear a little -- [ Cheers and applause ]
-Funny you should ask. I happen to...
-Bring your own microphone? -...have this right here.
You're going to do it live for us right now?
-Yes, with The Roots! -With The Roots,
a little "R.E.M." Are you guys ready?
[ Cheers and applause ] A little "R.E.M." with Ariana!
Oh, my gosh. This is the coolest.
♪ Last night ♪
♪ Boy, I met you ♪
♪ Mm-hmm ♪
♪ When I was asleep ♪
♪ Asleep ♪
♪ You're such a dream to me ♪
♪ Mmm, you were ♪
♪ And it was on a day like this ♪
♪ Yeah ♪
♪ So if you can believe ♪
♪ If you can believe ♪
♪ Mmm, you're such a dream to me ♪
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Ariana Grande, everybody! "Sweetener" is out now!



Ariana Grande Predicted She Would Marry Pete Davidson Three Years Ago

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