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These are our cats.
They're a bit unique.
This is Haku.
He's a big boye.
You're so big. You're so big.
Haku likes watching things.
Which side do you want?
And he's obsessed with sticks.
ANY kind of stick.
That's mine!
I mean, I can drink without a straw but you know
you don't have to ruin it just for fun.
What? What?
Oh nonono
Can I eat?
Whenever we shower he has to rub his face
on our hair and try to eat it.

He likes to smoosh his face when he sleeps.
And he's got a bit of a thing for armpits.
This is Poki.
We found him on the expressway and now he's
obsessed with food.

You ready for food?
Last time we checked in with Poki he kept
climbing into the trash can

but now he's evolved.
He knows that if he climbs into the trash
can he can't get out, so now he sits on

so now he sits on the side and tries to pull
things out with his paws and mouth.

Please don't eat that, bud. Please don't eat that.
Poki, what are you doing?
I was just staring out this window
Don't act like you weren't doing anything!
I just saw you!

He's also very licky.
He likes to cuddle and sleeps in between our
pillows every night.

This is Nagi.
He's a good boye who follows the rules.
We adopted him when no one else would because
he needed a little tummy surgery.

When he wants to play he trills to let me
know he's ready.

Is this what you want?
This what you want?
He really, really likes plastic wrappers.
Bring the plastic
What, you wanna play?
He also gets really sad when he finds a bug
but can't reach it.

We have to be careful to vacuum a lot because
if he finds fur on the floor he eats it.

Stop! Will you stop eating that!
He doesn't like being pet during the day
but sometimes in the early morning he comes

to cuddle in bed with us and purrs himself
to sleep for a little bit.

Cats vs playtime
Poki is a little over-enthusiastic.
Nagi plays to kill.
Even though Haku is the biggest and strongest,
he's too scared to play with toys when the

other two are out.
…which is understandable.
That is, unless I get out a stick.
Poki doesn't really care about the vacuum

Nagi is extremely terrified.
Haku… is pretty into it.
Cats vs box
Haku loves boxes.
Poki doesn't really care
Nagi is curious...
but only a little.
Let's see what happens if I turn the box sideways.
Poki still doesn't really care.
Haku still really loves boxes
And Nagi is still curious...
but only a little.
I decided to see if Nagi would go in the box
if Haku wasn't inside.

But he just wants to play.
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Comparing our cats

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