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How does a small, young company beat an industry giant
on its own turf?
Through what Harvard Business School professor, Clayton
Christensen, calls "disruptive innovation." It works like
this: Big players focus on sustaining innovation,
upgrading existing products and services to attract
higher- paying customers.
But soon, they start to ignore all the regular customers who
just want simple, low-cost alternatives.
That's where the entrepreneurial company jumps
in--with that basic offering.
The big guys stay focused on more- profitable customers and
begin to over-serve, adding bells and whistles no one
wants to pay for.
Meanwhile, the disruptor improves its product to appeal
to more people.
By the time the incumbent notices, the disruptor has
already started to take over the market.
The classic example is the steel mini- mills, which first
produced low-quality rebar, then moved to sheet steel,
stealing business from the large mills
that had been dominant.
More recent disruptors include carmakers like Toyota and
Hyundai, which launched with economy models then added
luxury features and brands.
The only way for industry giants to fight back is by
launching their own disruptive innovations.
To succeed, they must treat the project as a separate unit
with a different business model and growth expectations,
ask, "What job do customers need to get done?", segment
customers by job--not by product, market size, or
demographics--and develop basic, low-cost ways to get
the job done.
That's how Procter & Gamble came up with Crest White
Strips, a cheap, do-it-yourself alternative to
an expensive dental service.
Disruptive innovation creates new markets and reshapes
existing ones.
To achieve growth in a fast-changing world, you want
to be a disruptor.
Don't be disrupted.


The Explainer: Disruptive Innovation

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