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Hey guys, I'm Alex.
Thanks for clicking, and welcome to this
lesson on 5 ways to say goodbye.
In English, you probably know, if you're
watching this video, the most common way
to say goodbye, or some of the more formal
ways to say goodbye,
again the most common one is
or "Bye."
or "Bye-bye."
So if you're familiar with those ones,
I have 5 more on the board that
you can use.
Okay, one way to say goodbye is
"See ya!"
Now, what is "ya?"
"Ya" is simply "you."
In spoken English, many native speakers,
instead of saying "you" when they're
saying goodbye, will not say "See you."
You CAN say "See you." but it's also
possible to say "See ya!"
Now, this is much more informal,
among friends, coworkers, classmates,
people you know well.
So "See Ya!" just means "See you."
We'll put that here.
Now, "See you," you can follow this with
a time as well, so you can say,
"See ya later."
"See ya on the weekend."
"See ya tomorrow."
or you can say "See you next week."
"See you after school."
"See you after work."
"See ya." alright.
You can give a time when you will
see the person again.
The next expression is "Take it easy!"
So if you say "Alright goodbye, Alex."
I say, "Alright bye, take it easy."
This means take it easy.
It means relax.
Okay, this means don't stress
yourself too much.
Be relaxed.
Okay, don't stress yourself too much.
Now, if you have been working very hard
and it's the end of the work day,
I might say this to you,
"Okay, take it easy!"
This means, have an easy day,
have a relaxed day.
Okay, now, the next expression,
"Have a good one!"
What is one?
Here you're talking about a day.
Have a good day.
So if you tell someone
"Have a good one!"
You're jut saying, "Have a good day."
This is a nice wish for a person, right.
You're just saying "I hope you have a
very nice day."
"Have a good one." That's it.
Next one, "Take care!"
Now, I use this at the end of
a lot of my videos, most of my videos.
"Take care." means to take good care
of yourself.
Be good to yourself.
Take good care of yourself.
Okay, so this means, take good care of
yourself, be good to you.
Now, the next one, the final one is
"Catch ya later!"
Now, the word "catch" means catch.
Okay, so I "caught" the marker.
So if you say "Catch ya later!"
you're not actually catching a person.
This is similar to "See ya later!"
"I'll catch ya later."
"I will see you later."
Catch ya later, See ya later.
Okay, so guys, these are 5 common ways to
say goodbye in English.
If you are tired of just saying,
Practice some of these expressions,
very very common.
"Okay, take it easy!"
"Have a good one!"
"Take care!"
"Catch ya later!"
"See ya!"
The most common one is probably
"See ya." or "See you."
"See you later." "See you tomorrow."
"See you on the weekend"
"See you after school."
But you can use anyone of these,
and a native English speaker will
be able to understand you if you
use these expressions.
Okay guys, if you want to test
your knowledge of these expressions,
and make sure that you understood them
and remember the structure of
them clearly, you can check out the quiz
on engvid.com
Until next time. Good luck, and
See ya later!


Goodbye の他に使える 5 つのフレーズ (5 ways to say goodbye in English)

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