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I remember my dad when I was 16. My dad comes to me and goes,
one day,
you won't be in school anymore."
I was like, "I'm gonna graduate?"
"No, son."
"Focus, son. Focus, focus. Come on."
"That is never going to happen, okay?"
"When you're not in school, you're going to need to get a job."
I was like, "Of course I'm gonna get a job. I'm not a freeloader!"
I go, "If you know anybody hiring,
let me know."
He goes, "Well, the airport is hiring."
Here's, here's how dumb I was. My dad said the airport was hiring,
and I was like, "Oh my god, my dad wants me to be a pilot!"
And I was like, "Dad you want me to be a pilot. Oh my God son. No no no my God no oh
My God oh my lanta no no no no. Oh my god. Son, you are far too stupid for that job
People's lives are at stake", And what the hell am I gonna do at the airport my dad goes "Baggage handlerrr!"
What the hell is a baggage handler my dad sells the shit out of it to me
"What's a baggage handler? Son let me tell you something okay?"
these people are an integral part
of millions of peoples travel plans throughout the year
I was like, "Damn!"
"Well, what is their job entail?"
"Baggage handlers job is, you take the baggage and you "putt" it on the plane?"
"What-what do I do?" "You take the baggage and you "putt" it on the plane"
I "putt" it on the plane?"
"You putt it on the plane!"
"I putt it?" "You put it"
"Like putt?" "Like put"
"Don't be stupid, okay? That's putting"
"Focus son, focus, focus!"
I said, "Dad. I wanna be a break dancer" "Son, son. You can dance, on your break"


【ラッセル・ピーターズ】「putを発音できないオヤジ空港求人編」 英語でお笑いを聞いてみよう!  ("Working at the Airport" | Russell Peters - Almost Famous)

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