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Hi Bob the Canadian here.
Sometimes when you're having an English conversation, people want to talk about their pets.
Or maybe you wanna talk about yours.
In this video I'll help you learn some English words and phrases
that will help you talk about two of the most common pets: cats and dogs.
I think a cat just meowed as I said cats and dogs.
Hey welcome to this video if this is your first time here
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So pets.
Cats and dogs.
Which one do you wanna talk about first?
In English we often say, “Are you a cat lover or a dog lover?”
“Are you a cat person or a dog person?”
This is how we describe the difference between people who love cats, and people who love dogs.
Myself, I have to say, I'm not sure which I am.
In some ways I like cats because they're quiet, they kinda sit by themselves,
and they're just in general a calm animal.
But I also like the excitement of a dog.
We have a dog, his name is Oscar.
I'll try to find a picture of him to put in this video.
And Oscar is just a great farm dog.
He's a dog who lives mostly outside, but he is allowed in the front entrance of our home.
So in some ways he's also a house dog.
But let's talk about some things about dogs.
Dogs eat dog food that they eat out of a dog bowl.
When dogs make sounds we say that they either bark or growl.
I'm gonna bark here to to make the sound barking sounds like “ruff, ruff” and growling is “grrrrr”.
Couple of interesting things about dogs, we call them man's best friend in English.
It's a phrase that we use because dogs have been with people for so long that they are man's best friend.
Another interesting fact, the feet of a dog are called paws.
A baby dog is called a puppy.
And there's a couple of things you can do with a dog.
You can take your dog for a walk.
When you take a dog for a walk you use what we call in English a leash.
You have your dog on a leash.
And another thing about dogs is you can pet your dog, dogs like to have their ears scratched.
So you can pet your dog, you can scratch your dog's ears.
A lot of times a dog will have a dog mat that they lay on when they're in the house.
You can also teach your dog to do tricks.
You may teach your dog to sit, you may teach your dog to roll over, or you may teach your dog to beg
and I'll try to find a picture of this to put up here.
When a dog begs usually you give your dog a dog treat which is a small little piece of dog food.
Dogs can go to school, in English we call that obedience school.
When your dog's sick you take your dog to the vet, (or the veterinarian).
When I was younger we would take our dog to a vet, or veterinarian, vet is the short form.
Also when you go on vacation, you may actually take your dog to a kennel.
And you may board your dog at a kennel, which means you bring your dog to a place where
they will take care of your dog while you are on vacation.
So that's a little bit about dogs, let's talk about cats.
Cats are an entirely different animal, literally!
Cats do not walk using a leash, I know some people do, but cats generally don't like leashes.
A baby cat is called a kitten.
When you have a cat and it lives in your house you usually will have a litter box where they can go to the bathroom,
and you will probably have cat toys or a scratching post for them to scratch their nails on.
We also say that cats have paws, just like dogs.
So a cat's feet are called paws.
The two sounds a cat makes are they can “meow”
and there was actually a cat up here with me earlier that said, “meow”.
And when you pet a cat they can purr.
It's a hard sound to make, I'll try to make it, but “purrrrrrrrr” “purrrrrrrr”.
So a cat makes a purring sound.
You can hear a cat purr when you pet them and when they're happy.
A cat eats cat food.
That's the food that you would feed to a cat.
When a cat gets sick, just like a dog, you would bring the cat to a vet or veterinarian,
that's the longer form of the word.
But what do you do to play with cats?
You can't play fetch with a cat, you can't teach a cat to roll over.
You can sit with a cat.
Cats are very, very loving animals to their owners.
And sometimes it's just enjoyable to sit with a cat beside you and pet the cat while the cat purrs.
It's a very calming feeling for human beings.
Sometimes a cat will rub up against your leg when they want attention
especially if it's your cat and they love you.
They'll rub up against your leg to say, “Hey pet me!”
“Hey sit with me!
Well that's a few words and phrases to help you have great English conversations when talking about cats or dogs.
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【ボブカナディアンと英語】犬と猫について話そう!単語、フレーズを紹介!Cats and Dogs! Learn English Words and Phrases to Talk About Pets

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