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We have arrived in Austria!
The first thing my siblings did when we arrived in Salzburg
was run off to hike a mountain!
The hike was steep and full of snow
And my mum was so scared she was crawling up the snow in her hands and knees
And then Dad, wearing shoes you're supposed to wear in the kitchen
walking exactly the same
and then we reached the point where you could have a break at the bench
And brother's like, "We've got 7 more of these"
And Dad was like, "7 MORE!?"
And he walked over to the edge
And it looked like he was going to commit suicide
Ah it was so funny
Once we hiked to the top, my dad seemed to think he was invincible
What is he doing?!
We just tried to kill our mum and dad. It didn't work. They're still alive
We'll try again tomorrow.
See ya guys!
Good morning! We are en route to Hallstatt
Although -8 degrees, the weather couldn't be any more perfect.
That's so pretty
I had recently taught my dad how to take photos on his phone
and watching him ooh-ing and aah-ing at the view
was an adorable sight ❤️
Unfortunately there's a black dot-
You just hear him in the video going, "WOWWWWW"
The views of Hallstatt were out of this world
We have arrived in Hallstatt!
The weather's really good today
And it's so pretty that even my brother is taking pictures
And he never takes pictures!
We've only got 4 hours left until we have to leave
to catch the train back.
So let's try and do as much as we can.
Let's go!
The 3 hour journey to come here for these views
was worth every minute
I can definitely see why Hallstatt is labelled as one of the most beautiful villages in this world
Back in the city, we explored the heart of Salzburg
Visited Mirabell Palace
and ate traditional Austrian food.
extremely sexy!


travel diary ep. 2/3 | 48 Hours in Salzburg

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