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Good morning!
I am currently packing and getting ready to go to Iceland
This is trip (day) number 1...
Pretty much already packed all of my things
En route to the train station with my suitcase
I really need to pee so erm... lol
Oh have you not peed yet?! No lol
You look so grumpy
You look so grumpy
Shall I try to put my hand up?
- It says we aim to serve all dishes in 15 minutes

Is she just pretending she can't see!?
I'm just going to do this!
They're so slow!
We've got a plane to catch! Like seriously!
I'm hungry :(
She can clearly see- I'm like this!
And no one's coming!
We got- what- 15 minutes to eat all of this?
Half an hour
Let's go
Time to eat
All finished
And ready to go
So funny lol
We're on the flight!
Easyjet...er...proper cramped
Cheap and cheerful though, innit?
Can't complain...
Even then- it wasn't even that cheap! (the flights)
Yay! We're going! x2
Bit nervous about driving
I've felt bad turbulence before but this is quite bad
We'll be fine

We'll be fine x 2
We'll be fine x2 . Don't worry! It's all good!
We have arrived...in Iceland!
And we're really fascinated with these taps lol
Demonstrate please.
-Shall I do a demo?

How cool is that!?
En route to get the car
Off we go!
Thank you!
"Damages caused by the wind blowing up the door are not covered by insurances!"
00:04:18,680 --> 00:04:20,360
This is our car!

For the whole trip!
So guys, before you go off with your rental car you should always check [everything].
Let's check all hazards!
There are ice-scrapers in all of our cars
00:04:45,755 --> 00:04:49,195
Please be prepared for farm animals, sheep in particular, grazing ...

by the roadside and/or trying to cross the road.
Drivers who cause injury or death to animals may be liable to claims for compensation.
Did you not watch that video?
If you kill the sheep you have to pay the farmer basically.
that's fair.
- It was a pretty good video.

Driving with Elfis
Drivers are obliged to drive with headlights on at all times all year round.
Be really careful when opening doors because they can be easily damaged by strong gusts of wind.
Okay. Cool. Lovely.
This will be interesting. 'Cos I drive on that side.
We drive on the right side, people!
Yeah, I feel like I'm supposed to be driving
Yeah it feels really weird
I need to help her focus on driving, we''ll talk to you guys later
We're alive!
Well done!
How was that?
It started off quite scary...
Not a lot of guys so it was okay...
I keep hitting this door because I keep thinking it's the gear box!
It's okay, it's alright.
The car is good!
Reykjavik's roads are very wide
It doesn't really feel like a city...
It's good x2
We're just going to check in in our airbnb now
Right guys, this is our apartment tour!
It's so cute
This is the living room
And we've got a little kitchen area here
Obviously because I chose this place it has to be cute
Because I only like houses that look like this
It's sooo cute!
The kitchen is going to be in a lot of use
Because we're going to try and save money
So we've got bedroom number 1
Birthday girl is sleeping here
Bedroom number 2
Not birthday girl is sleeping here
I've got another bed- but I only need one
00:07:08,935 --> 00:07:09,935
00:07:10,025 --> 00:07:12,735
00:07:12,735 --> 00:07:14,495
And then the bathroom

00:07:22,115 --> 00:07:24,485
I think for the price we got is pretty good

00:07:29,705 --> 00:07:31,215
I just like the kitchen!

Especially since we're going to be cooking a lot!
I love this lightbulb (light shade). What do you call this?
A colander? What do you call this?
00:07:43,675 --> 00:07:45,545
00:07:46,285 --> 00:07:49,335
But other than that...all good!

Time to eat and explore!
I'm unpacking and all I unpack are electronics
Say that again?
- All I unpack are electronics!

That's about £2 in the UK
Everything is so expensive!
But why do I feel like we're at an expensive supermarket?
No it's not. I think this is normal.
No, about £8!
00:08:35,095 --> 00:08:36,115
It's £2.99 bruv!

We can't decide what to buy
Pizza for dinner. Do you know why? It's £1 (from Iceland).
But it's like 350 kr which is over £2
It's the cheapest thing I've seen so far
It's midnight
We haven't eaten
We're having pizza and watching k-drama, and then we're going to try and catch the Lights
We didn't go out...
00:09:03,735 --> 00:09:06,765
It's 2AM! I'm tired!

It's 2:30AM
00:09:09,660 --> 00:09:13,700
And the chances of seeing the Northern Lights today are 20%

00:09:16,505 --> 00:09:19,445
So we're just going to go to bed and go

supermarket shopping tomorrow
that's it. Goodbye. Goodnight.
- "so lazy"
-Good night!

00:09:33,605 --> 00:09:34,605
00:09:36,285 --> 00:09:37,435
00:09:42,295 --> 00:09:43,295


Travel Vlog - Winter in Iceland (ep.1/6)

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