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Since moving to Brighton
I have been on the hunt
for the best cafes in the area.
Brighton has a great cafe culture
with an endless number of amazing cafes.
So here are my top 5 favourite and instaworthy cafes located in Brighton & Hove
Located in Kemptown this cafe is the best to visit if you fancy a hearty breakfast or brunch.
This cafe always has a bustling atmosphere
And it's the best place to chill on a cold and rainy day
This is a quiet cafe hidden a little away from the main streets of Brighton
The thing I love about this cafe is
that there is a secret garden at the back!
It's a perfect hideout during those summer days
If you just want to get away from everything and everyone.
Do you know why I like the cafes in Brighton?
It's that it's not crowded (usually lol)
It's not busy busy (like London)
There's no one in this cafe right now
and I love it!
I've just got this whole cafe all to myself!
Flour Pot Bakery
This cafe and bakery is one of the most popular cafes in Brighton
They have many other branches
And the aesthetics of this cafe is 10/10
It really is instaworthy!
Longhouse Cafe
Brighton is well known for its vegan culture
with many vegan cafes and restaurants
But I think THIS is one of the prettiest vegan cafes I have ever seen
Everything is plant-based- even the ceilings!
And last of all, iGigi cafe
This cafe is located in Hove
And when you first enter it's a home interior store
But the cafe is upstairs
This is my favourite cafe out of all of Brighton and Hove!
The open kitchen gives the cafe a home-like feel
It has a really great atmosphere and really friendly staff
The aesthetics and food are really on point.
And I have to recommend the cakes!
The cakes are SO GOOOOOOOOD!
So here are my top 5 favourite cafes in Brighton and Hove!
Which cafe was your favourite?
Let me know in the comments below!
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And feel free to follow me on instagram @rainbowrez
Thank you everyone for watching!
And I'll see you guys later!


Instaworthy Cafes in Brighton, UK

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