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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome aboard Travelwitht Airlines.
This series will showcase my trip to Europe
showing 3 countries in 5 days including
Germany, France and Luxembourg.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate
to leave a comment at the end of this video.

Thank you for travelling with Travelwitht

We wish you all an enjoyable flight.
We arrived in Luxembourg and needed to get
to Luxembourg Gare to take the bus to Saarbrucken,

which is on the border of Germany.
But...I made my friends get off at the wrong bus stop
I thought it looked exactly like the
one in the picture but nope...it was the wrong one

Sorry guys! But I swear down, it looked
exactly the same at the time.

Anyway, everything worked out fine
and we got to the right bus stop
and arrived in Germany nice and safely.
We have arrived in Manisha's room!
It's Tyler from Florida! Woo!
Bye! Bye another guy!
Is that Tyler? What's his name?
I broke my sunglasses! T_T
OMG! That was amazing!
They know you're faking it as well.
That was really good! Oh yeah
that was actually really good.
I have to go forward.
I can imitate Sian
Go on then
So this man came over and asked whether he could sit with us for a few minutes.
We cannot speak a word of German and he cannot speak a word of English.
But we both managed to communicate with each other, especially with the little help of my language app.
He was SO sweet and adorable! He was definitely one of the highlights of my trip.
What's "take care"? I can't remember "take care" anymore
It's on here...
He's like "You take care ? Or me take care?"
General conversation....
Take care of yourself!
Take care of yourself (German)
Take care of yourself (German)
Look at his lunch
Very good!
Are you hungry?
Very good
Would like to eat a roll?
Thank you
We say thank you too much
Take care of yourself
That's sweet of you
You also take care.
Are you staying-
Are you staying in Germany a long time?
Is that-
How long?
How long!
How do you say-
4 days
4 days
Days. Three days.
I see
4 days
The nice weather is only lasting today.
Not tomorrow
Yeah. yeah
Rain, rain
Nice of you
Aw, he's lovely.
He's so cute!
Manisha I'm filmin' ya!
Ah, I look like an old lady!
Come back
Don't die!
I don't know what I should say
We're like...half way up
M-might not even be half way up
I think
But the view is still nice here
Yeah, I literally have no idea
how far we have to go
And so we walked
And we walked
And we walked
And we walked T_T
Hi! We're somewhere in Germany.
Not entirely sure where.
Her acting is so bad!
She's run out of water! It's getting very desperate.
She's considering using her urine.
As a liquid.
OMG! We're going to die!
We gonna die!
We're still not there yet!
We finally made it
We're alive!
We're aliveee~
But we still don't have any water.
It's raining
Enjoying this view!
There they are
Hi! Welcome to the Gandhi Fort.
Fort Gandhi!
Welcome to Fort Gandhi
It is very cosy in here
Erm...ignore that.
It was established in 2015.
After months and months of
hard work and planning.
It took a lot of talent
and er...
discipline to build this erm...
opulent fort that we are sitting in at this moment.


Europe Vlog (Part 1) - Germany

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