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Neil: Hello and welcome to
The English We Speak. I'm Neil and …
Feifei: Hi everyone. I'm Feifei
and I've just …err… well…
Neil: Feifei is here with me…
Feifei, what's going on?
Feifei: Yes, and today we are here, with you,
dear learners of the wonderful English language…
Neil: What are you looking for?
Feifei: The script, Neil. I misplaced it somewhere…
Neil: Just wing it!
Feifei: Wing it? Wing, like a bird?
Yes, the air is fresh and I flap my wings…
Neil: What are you doing? What are you doing?
Feifei: You told me to pretend I was a bird.
Or to tell the story of a bird or… I know
lots of bird jokes.
Neil: No, that's not it.
In English 'to wing' something means to improvise.
This informal expression is thought to come from the
theatre and it refers to performances
given by actors who had to learn their lines quickly
while waiting in the wings.
Feifei: Ah! The wings are the space on each side of the stage,
where actors wait before coming onto the stage.
Sometimes someone gives
them their lines from there as support.
Neil: That's right. Let's hear how this expression is used:
Examples: Mary spent all weekend partying
instead of studying.
When I asked her why she wasn't
concerned about the exam,
she told me she'd just wing it.
The minister is a great orator.
He's never had a speech ready,
he just wings it and people love it.
Neil: So a theatrical expression for you.
Now Feifei, do you know lots of jokes about birds?
Tell me one.
Feifei: Why did the little bird
get in trouble at school?
Neil: Mmmm… no idea…
Feifei: Because he was caught tweeting
during the test.
Neil: Yes, very funny…
Both: Bye.


【BBC日常英語】Wing it : ぶっつけ本番でする (Wing it - The English We Speak)

723 タグ追加 保存
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