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Don't you give me your love and passion?
Believe in love, even though
There're borders and disturbance and more
I'm the only one who loves you
Because I'm crazy about you
Let's ride to hell!
I'll serve you as we go!
If we're together, I might not mind dying right here and now!
Beyond the line
but there's no end:
I swear
I'm gonna be so fucking greatful!
Blessing word
You are supreme!
To your commands, I say,
Your highness
as I faithfully follow.
You give orders
but I won't pass them off to anyone.
You're more precious than anything to me!
You don't know why
My love is crying
I wanna stick to you,
to an excessive degree.
I wanna become eternal,
Don't wanna cry!
Jealous delusions - I'm going mad!
Don't you give me your love and passion?
Love is a rebellious impulse, so let go!
I wanna demand more than your soul
down to your
instinctual heart!
I don't want to live in a world without you!
Or any future other than yours, so I'll
Kill it! Kill it!
I would be happy to kill it!
For my love!
Go till the end!
My line of sight locks
I want to achieve this wish without opposition!
Straight to you!
My pure heart flies
Above the star and sun
so fucking wonderful!
Hey, get out
This isn't a joke!
Eliminate all the dirty in sight, what trash.
Kick them out
without mercy
I won't forgive their existence above all else!
I'm in the dark
can't see your eyes!
It's dark, can't see
the loneliness hurts!
I wanna be together, but there's
No more Time!
This suffocation is just too painful!
Won't you come and hold me tight?
Love is crystallized devotion, so get all!
With affection greater than I imagined
I'm demanding a hard response!
I wanna make it with you baby!
If I can obtain your love, I'll
Risk it! Risk it!
I'm gonna' risk it all, what's
for two of us
Love and hate melts into
A madding pattern
One and all
even irritation
The form is tragic,
free in units of cells
You don't know why, my love is crying
I wanna stick to you
to an excessive degree
I wanna become eternal, I
Don't wanna' cry
Hold me! More and more!
Don't you give me your love and passion?
Give me your everything!
I don't need a reason
just wanna love and be loved!
I don't want to live in a world without you!
I don't need anything other than you, so I'll
Get it! Get it!
I can't resist it,
get it for my love!
I'll spend my life for loving you
Kill it! Kill it!
I'm imagining now!
If you're mine,
it's like a paradise
and haven and more!
You're the only man,
who I love,
In my life and destiny and all!
Don't you give me your love and passion?
I know the border,
it should be wrecked, GO!


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458 タグ追加 保存
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