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It's a late Friday night
The street lamps are shining up in my bedroom
There's a mighty big fight between the thunder and lightning
Wonder who you will lose
I see a party balloon
And I ain't been invited
Hey look that moon
There ain't nothing like it
All grey and Gold
Down on Jubilee Road
I see Mr. Bouvier
In his two bedroom basement
In his purple dungarees
He's grumpy and he's gray
Oh, he's sweeping off the pavement
Cigarettes and leaves
His kid's up in China
His wife's up in heaven
Always I wave
'Cause he's got this expression
That he's so alone
Down on Jubilee Road
Oh, I think tomorrow night
I will knock on his door and hear all about his life
'Cause I think that's the kind of thing that I might like
When I'm old, when I'm old
There's Max and there's Maud
In the house by the station
Call them my best friends
He drinks like a horse
She don't appreciate all this money he seems to spend
I can hear them tonight
He can't find no vocation
The neighbours they sigh at that new generation
Just getting stoned
Down on Jubilee Road
Oh, I feel the summertime
I will call you up, make everything alright
Then we'll fill up our cups with that bitter wine
And I'll show you, I'll show you
Mice still here, your wardrobe still empty
And the walls are still paper thin
And the neighbours, my dear
I think they still hate me for all these songs I endlessly sing
'Cause it ain't no perfect street
And I ain't no perfect lover
Life it is brief
I don't think we get no other
Come back home
Down on Jubilee Road
Down on Jubilee Road


Tom Odell - Jubilee Road (Official Video) (歌詞/lyrics)

346 タグ追加 保存
林宜悉 2018 年 8 月 1 日 に公開
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