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- My favorite moment of Donald Trump visiting the U.K.
Was how the British journalists
didn't know how to handle him,
because he had an interview with The Sun, right,
which is not like they're against him.
They're a conservative newspaper in the United Kingdom,
and would, like, very extreme headlines,
and you know, very tabloidy, and they interviewed him,
and then he completely denied everything that they reported
about him the next day. (audience chuckles)
And then, like, I was watching one of the journalists,
and he was like, we just don't understand
because we were recording it and he knew,
he knew that we were recording it.
I don't understand how he could turn around
and say that it's fake news when we have the recording
and it was just, you could see that they were just like
wait, this makes no sense! (audience chuckling)
This is absolutely, like, and my favorite was
the American journalists were like welcome to our lives.
(audience clapping and cheering)
'Cause I think everybody in the world thinks that Trump
is just like, it's like America is having a hissyfit,
but when he comes to another country,
the people there are like oh, this shit is,
it's like Godzilla on a world tour.
(audience chuckles)
You know what I mean?
Like we see the Japanese and we're like
I would handle Godzilla like the one is here,
you're like (shouts)!
(rhythmic hip hop music)


イギリスのジャーナリストが初めてトランプになった - シーンの間で|デイリーショー

803 タグ追加 保存
Samuel 2018 年 7 月 23 日 に公開
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