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Let's do a short vocal warm up and this
is going to be really helpful to get your

voice ready if you are about to do some
public speaking, perhaps you have a

presentation and before we jump into it
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Now let's warm up. When you start your

vocal warm up make sure you're alone,
somewhere private where people cannot

see you so that you do the exercises in
full. Firstly we're going to stretch and

squeeze the muscles of the face. Stretch
them out wide, raising the eyebrows and

stretching everything, and then squeeze
everything, and stretch

and squeeze. One more time stretch and
squeeze. Good now completely relaxing

those lips I want you to just blow
through your lips like a horse.

And again if you are able to do that do
it one more time. If you're struggling

place the fingers at either side of the
lips place on a little pressure and try

again. If you can't do it, don't worry
not everybody can. Next we're going to

warm up the tongue. The tongue is a huge
muscle and is very important for

speaking so we're going to do tongue
bootcamp. This is cleaning the teeth with

the tongue, six circles in each direction.
Okay keep the lips closed here we go.

Good if you've done lots of these types
of exercises then you might find it very

very easy
in which case increase the number of

circles that you do with the tongue. Now
we're going to stretch the tongue out.

Place the tip of the tongue behind the
bottom teeth and push the body of the

tongue forward, really stretching out the
back of the tongue and relax. One more

time and relax. Good now we're going to
make a hum sound the hmm will

eventually open up to a ma sound and
what we're doing is warming up the

resonance in the chest, the nice low
vibrations. So I want you to beat your

chest waking up all the muscles on a
hum follow me. Hmmmmmmmmm

Pat the ribs. Open up to a Maaaaaaaa
Good now in good public speaking you
should be engaging the diaphragm in

order to project your voice so let's
warm up that diaphragm muscle. Place one

hand on the diaphragm which is just
below the rib cage and you're going to

give me lots of short sharp SH sounds.
You'll feel the diaphragm bounce. We're

going to do ten of these and then one
long one and when you give me the long

one I want you to squeeze your tummy
muscles as tight as you can until you

have no air left in your body. Okay here
we go.

Follow me hhhh hhhh relax good. Right
the face is awake the body is awake

let's do some articulation to make sure
our mouths are fully working follow me.

We're going to be saying B D G again
and again and again really fast here we go.

And now we're going to try P T K
And now we're going to try M L W

let's finish off this warm up with some
tongue twisters. Here some famous ones
three very simple words make sure the

tongue comes out for the th
Very well done.
Remember it's important to warm up your

voice every time that you're speaking
publicly, giving a presentation, or a talk.

By warming up your voice you protect
your voice but also you make sure that

you're performing at your best so you
can project and your voice is strong and

easily understood. Don't forget that
fantastic offer from italki, working

with a teacher one on one can really
help to boost your language skills

whatever language you're learning
italki offer so many. If you did find

this video helpful please do give it a
thumb up. Don't forget to subscribe and

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lessons and why not come and join me on
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Facebook and Twitter all the links will
be in the description box below. Okay

until next time very best of luck with
your presentation

take care and goodbye. :)


パワフルボイスウォームアップ|プレゼン&人前で話すスキル #スポン

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