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Hi, Bob the Canadian here.
Let's imagine a friend has invited you out to eat in a restaurant where you will need to order in English.
In this video I'll take you through all of the steps and stages of dining out in an English speaking restaurant.
The first person that you will meet in an English speaking restaurant is called, "the host."
And the host will ask you:
How many people are in your party?
And you will let them know the total number of people that are going to be eating.
They might then ask you to wait, as the restaurant may be quite busy, or they will say:
Follow me.
I will take you to your table.
Either way, eventually, they will take you to your table, and they will give you menus.
And they'll usually say:
Your server will be with you shortly.
Meaning that a waiter, waitress, or server will be coming to your table in just a few moments.
The next person that you will meet in the restaurant will be your server.
And they will first ask you if you would like to order any drinks.
They don't want to ask you if you want to order any food because they want to give you some time to look through the menu and get a really good idea of what's available.
You can put your drink order in, and they will go back to the kitchen to prepare your drinks while you have time to decide what food you want to order.
When they return with your drinks...
They will ask if you are ready to order.
Usually you are ready to order at this point.
So you can place your orders. It's usually polite to allow the women in the party to go first, and the men to go second.
And the server will then allow you to spend some time with your drinks and your friends while they go to the kitchen and allow them to prepare your meal.
When the server returns, they will place your food in front of you on the table.
It's usually polite to wait 'til everyone has their meal in front of them before you start eating.
And then they will say:
Enjoy your meal!
They will usually return just a few minutes later to ask if everything is okay.
At this point in time you can let them know if there were any items missing that they forgot to bring the first time.
You will then have time to enjoy your meal with your friends.
Once you are getting close to finishing your meal, the server will come back and ask, first of all, if they can clear away any of the plates.
But also if anyone would like to order dessert.
If this is the case they will bring you dessert menus, and you can place your dessert order.
If you are not having dessert, or towards the end of your dessert, the server will usually return and ask if they can bring you your bill.
And once they bring you your bill, they'll let you know what all the options are to pay.
Usually you can pay with credit card, bank card, or cash.
Once you have paid, you and your friends can head out for other exciting things to do that evening.
Well that's just a little peek at what it's like to eat in an English speaking restaurant.
It probably isn't very different from your own restaurants.
Bob the Canadian here.
Learn English with Bob the Canadian.
Don't forget to subscribe below if you're enjoying these video lessons.
And I hope you have a great day.


【ボブカナディアンと英語】レストランの流れと聞かれること (Learn About the English You Will Hear at a Restaurant)

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