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- [Both] Three, two, one!

- You guys challenged us to
do the pancake art challenge.

We're kicking off with minions.
That's not a minion.
It's like a very long yellow worm.
First things first, we're just
going to forget I did this.

Oh whoa these are kinda like bouncy, bro.
I just shook this thing up.
- Dude, what did you do.
- [Devan] Already?
- It blasted my thumb, bro.
Oh no, this is terrible.
We haven't even started yet.
Devan's already creating art over here.
- [Devan] I know, I got my
little overalls, I'm ready.

- I'm not good, this is
not going to be good.

You guys know Devan is
like a professional artist.

I'm not.
My minion, he got very wide
in the hips all of a sudden.

My minion, he's like wearing a dress bro.
Like a skirt or he's hula hooping bro.
Dude, my minion is swole.

(dramatic music)
I thought you got like batter all over me.
- At least it's not as bad
as the first time you did this to me.
(tape player squealing)
- [Collins] Devan, what just happened bro?
- So I was told to shake
up this pancake batter.

Oh nothing will happen.
It'll be fine, Devan.
- Another one, boom.
Now the last thing I want to do,
my minion's awesome and trendy
so he's going to have purple hair.
Got me again.
- [Devan] You'd think you would learn.
Oh no, what are you doing?
- [Collins] Making little hairs bro.
I want to get him so he's
got some little ear hairs.

- What?
- [Collins] Boom, full heat, roast 'em.
This dude's arms look like
a second pair of legs.

- No they look like nice
stiletto high heels or something.

- [Collins] Bro my minion
looks more like a scary monster

than a character from Despicable Me.
- It really does.
- [Collins] Can we just
appreciate the attention to detail

that Devan's doing?
Time to flip my minion, here we go.
- Dude it's smoking.
- No it's sizzling bro.
We're going to eat all of
the pancakes at the end

of this video, and also
after each round you guys

can judge us and let us know
who you think won each round.

Alright let me see if I can
get my stiletto high heels.

Oh there we goo, boom.
The flip, three two one.
Burnt toast so bad.
His face is like, "I got roasted."
Three, two, one.
Oh that one looks so good.
- [Devan] He has no eyes, but--
- [Collins] Bro, mine
looks like he hits the gym

way too much and skips leg day every day.
The big reveal.
- [Both] Three, two, one, ta da!
So you guys get to
comment after each round

and let us know who you think won,
but right now we're on to the next one.
Y'all suggest--
(clears throat)

- We'll just start with the y'all.
- Y'all suggested that we make...
Did yours not fire?
- I didn't know we were doing it for real.
- Yes.

Y'all suggested the laughing crying--
- Whoa.
- I got it all over my shirt.
Three, two, one, go.
(bell dinging)
I need the black stuff.
Get it to me.
- [Devan] Okay have fun.
- This is going to be
the laughing crying emoji

and it's going to be legendary.
(upbeat music)
Yo this guy's got brows on fleek man.
His eyebrows are the biggest
part of his entire face

currently at the moment.
Yeah, yeah his eyebrows are massive.
Ah, his eyes are too small.
Oh well.
(upbeat music)
Bam, nailed it.
Oh my god dude I'm crushing this bro.
- [Devan] Oh my gosh, those teeth though.
- Call me an artist.
I really made this way too big.
Way too big.
(upbeat music)
Ah it splattered all over me, not again.
Oh no, something moved.
That was not good.
The pressure's on.
Here we go, three, two, one.
- [Devan] That's kinda weird but.
- It turned out pretty good.
I'm using red.
And even though it's not exactly
what we though it would be

that's what life is all about.
- [Devan] I want to get in on this action.
This looks like fun.
- [Collins] Let's go bro.
(upbeat music)
- [Devan] Going for
the long distance shot.

- [Collins] Boom.
Oh man.
- Look at that.
Oh no!
- Are you kidding me?
You got it on my face.
Here we go, three, two, wait wait wait.
First I've got a challenge.
I want to see can you
subscribe to this channel,

turn on the channel post notifications
and give this video a
thumbs up in seven seconds.

Here we go, you ready?
- [Both] Seven, six, five,
four, three, two, one, done.

- If you can do that comment
down below Keyper Squad

right now and let's flip this pancake.
- [Both] Three, two, one.
- No, no, no!
You ruined it, my beautiful pancake.
It's ruined no.
- [Devan] Wait you flip
it, I'll flip it backwards.

- No.
- Hold on your elbow's in my face.
- Sorry.
It's a catastrophe.
Flip it.
It looks so scary.
It's like evil bro.
- It's like the laughing,
crying, angry face emoji.

- I'm literally crying,
like my face is this

because when I laugh my face turns red.
Well we are laughing, we
are crying about this emoji.

- [Both] Three, two, one.
(fanfare music)
- Yeah, this uh--
- I don't know.
- It touched my finger.
It's so hot.
I'm going to flip it back on.
Next up, a rainbow.
(bell dinging)
The dude's literally spreading his oil.
I am Picasso.
I must make my pancake
batter look awesome.

(upbeat music)
My (screams) oh it got me again.
My hands are just a mess currently.
- Your hands are more like
a rainbow than your rainbow.

- Yeah.
(upbeat music)
(suspenseful music)
When is enough?
(upbeat music)
This is one of those moments
where I'm taking a risk.

It's a creative risk.
You'll have to wait and find
out what it's truly become.

- You left it all over the base
of the thing so it dripped.

- It's not my fault.
- Yes it is.
- It is my fault.
It's all your fault.

- [Collins] Yeah this did
not go according to plan.

I tried to turn it into
a rainbow mushroom.

- A what?
- A mushroom that's a rainbow.
- What is that?
- I thought it was going to
be very cool conceptually.

It didn't work.
Yes, we disconnected successfully.
And here comes the flip.

- I need the green.
- Oh no, I broke you my rainbow.
On a casual flip, no!
My rainbow, help!
I have an idea.
I know how I'm going to win this round.
It's a double rainbow!
It's a double rainbow all the way.
Victory is mine, I've clearly
seized the win on this one.

In the meantime I'm going to
work on my pancake flippery.


- No, yeet.
(glass smashing)
I've fallen.
Somewhere over the rainbow,
skies are blue Devan.

You hear that?
- What?
- I don't know.
- You mean the song?
- I cracked my knee.
- Alright.
- I don't know if you heard
that but it was powerful.

- Time to flip.
- Yes!
- [Devan] Three, two, one.
Oh my gosh!
It looks great but there's
no yellow, so yeah.

It's my no yellow rainbow versus his--
- [Collins] Double rainbow.
- [Both] Three, two, one.
- Ta da.
- Yeah.

- It's tough on this one.
I don't think either of us really won.
- What?
Clearly definitive leader here.
Let's go to the next one.
- You're right, you're right.
Next up.
♫ Spiderman, Spiderman
♫ Does whatever a pancake Spiderman
- What?
- Let's go.

- [Devan] Alright.
(upbeat music)
- The sizzling as it knows my Spiderman
is going to be awesome.
(upbeat music)
Now for the moment of truth.
Flipping Mr. Spidey.
- Ooh I can't wait.
- I'm going to go for like a slide and
(imitates thudding) technique.
Three, two, two, here we go, one.
(imitates thudding)
It looks like Spiderman got
mixed with like a basketball.

- It does.
- [Collins] He has like a little freckle.
(upbeat music)
- Alright here we go.
- And this was suggested by the
Instagram Keyper of the Week

so shout out to you and
if you want to be featured

as the Instagram Keyper of the Week,
check the description down
below to find out how.

And let's see how this turned out.
- [Devan] Three, two, one, whoa!
That actually kinda turned out okay.
- [Collins] That looks so good!
- [Devan] That turned out
better than I expected.

Basketball versus face mask.
- It's fine, you can vote for his.
I won't be offended.
This is by far the most requested one
and it is a fidget spinner.
So right now Devan, back at it again
making another fidget spinner,
this time out of pancake.

So let's do it.
- Will it spin?
- Uh probably not.
(upbeat music)
I've really got to get
some wins coming here

in this home stretch because--
- Ooh.
- Things have not been good
so far coming up to this round

but hopefully this last
one will be redemption.

See Devan has just begun his
while mine is being flipped.

If that gives you any metaphor
for how Devan and I are
different, that's how it goes.

Mine looks like a weird
glob with like hands

with eyes on it.
It looks like everything
except for a fidget spinner.

It looks like a flying saucer
with eyeballs all over it.

Three, two, one go!
Yeah it works.
Alright now time to see
if they actually spin.

Here we go three, two, one.
- Ooh, ooh it's hot.
It's not.
Should we eat it now?
- Now it's like a weird ring bro.
For the final freestyle
round we have 30 seconds

to create our masterpiece.
- Oh no wait!

- [Collins] Oh man I'm going way too big.
- [Devan] Why are you bumping me?
Why are you bumping my arm?
- [Collins] I'm going way too big.
I had a brilliant idea.
- [Devan] That actually
kinda worked right there.

Okay alright.
- [Collins] Oh that was such a good idea.
- [Devan] I need purple.
- [Collins] Nope, oh my gosh
this is not enough time at all.

My masterpiece is not a masterpiece.
- [Devan] Take the blue.
- [Collins] I need the blue.
Bro, this is not going to work.
- [Devan] No, it's stuck, it's stuck.
- [Collins] It's like running out of time.
- I'm done.
- Five, four, three--
- I'm done, I'm done, I'm done.
- Two, one.
- Is this time for you or for me?
- Done!
Time to reveal the masterpieces
and if you want to be
featured in the next video

comment down below,
what's your favorite food

we should turn into a pancake?
But right now, let's flip them
and then reveal what they are.
Three, two, one, you first go.
- [Devan] Oh wait, what?
It's the Instagram logo.
- [Collins] Oh that's cool.
Alright mine in three, two, one.
It's a beautiful beach.
See the like little clouds and the sand?
And the ocean?
Which is kind of like the sky as well.
- You did not go for something simple.
- Nope.
- That's a complex masterpiece.
- Now that we've done them
all, you get to choose

who won each round.
Comment your full answers down below.
Alright bro time for you to taste it.
Let's see how it is.
- Alright, ready.
- If you guys want to see our
last pancake art challenge

click right over here.
Things got absolutely crazy.
- And if you want to see
our latest gummy food

versus real food challenge
click right over here.

- Giant gummy worms
and giant gummy snakes,

a whole bunch of crazy stuff.
- Bro is yours as good as mine is?
Mine's really good.
- Bye!
- See ya later!


PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE!!! Learn How To Make Minions Spiderman & Fidget Spinner out of DIY Pancake!

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