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First video of 2018!
[ slam ]
[ slam x2 ]
Okay, maybe third, but- psh.
First ACTUAL video people subscribe for.
[ d i n g ]
If you follow me on Twitter (What a weeb), you would know that
I'm currently up at college,
to study animation in order to:
One, make my animations way better, and
Two, because YouTube won't last forever,
And I need a way in which I can potentially get a job once YouTube dies
so I won't be homeless living on the streets.
Major studios hire from BYU from time to time. So, who knows?
Maybe I'll be working in the industry in the future!
I also need to actually learn how to use animation programs (Eeeh or Nervous face)
instead of opting to Paint Tool SAI (Happy face :D)
But who has the time for that? I'm a creature of habit. I'm not ashamed!
[ d i n g ]
I'll talk about animation school in a different video,
but basically the two things I've learned this semester are,
[ SLAM ]
Stop drawing anime.
Yeah, ain't nobody gonna look at that
You can just stop.
And two, all the lectures about
how to do well, in art and animation
usually boil down to
"git good"
To which I usually respond
[ I N T E R N A L S U F F E R I N G ]
AAAAAAAAAAAND, We're back with the news!
Apartments. Since I'm out of state I needed to find a new place to stay in.
I'm pretty used to sharing rooms with other people,
at one point in my life,
I slept in the same room with three other sisters. (W O A H)
As long as my roommates treat me nice,
we're not gonna have a problem.
However, last time I was up at BYU, I had some very 'toxic' roommates.
I saw on Facebook, that they're still there this semester, and I don't want to live with them..(Good choice.)
sooo, I had to find a new place.
Some of the apartments have the STRANGEST layouts I've ever seen.
Here are some highlights,
of uh, what I saw.
The first place seemed good until I realized, it had no parking. (WAIT WAT)
As a college student, I need a place to park my car.
So, why is it that they have no parking?
Because the apartments,
are on a huge grass lot. (Ooh.)
Their claim to fame was how 'rich' and 'luxurious' their grass was. (B O I)
What the heck are college students supposed to use that grass for?
What the heck are college students supposed to use that grass for? *nom*
No, pets aren't allowed. (WHAT)
No, you aren't allowed to host any events there. It was too expensive anyways,
If you're gonna charge that much, at least have some form of parking.
I was not willing to walk a mile just to park my car.
The next apartment. I almost got, but THANK GOODNESS, I didn't.
Right before I signed the contract,
I noticed something... a little strange in the images provided for the unit.
The shower was... inside your room. (SAY WHAAAAT)
Like, across from your bed.
In order to get outside of the shower, you had to walk on the carpet.
It's like they thought,
"We CoUlD mAkE a qUiCk bUcK bY tUrNiNg tHiS cLoSeT iNtO a ShOwEr.
What could possibly go wrong?" *Bubsy reference*
I'm sorry, do you not understand how mold works?
After a while, that wet spot on the carpet, WILL start to stink, so I had to get out of that contract IMMEDIATELY.
You thought closet shower was bad?
Get a load of this:
The next apartment had a legit portal to NARNIA.
The shower was in between the WALLS. (WHAT THE-)
Same as before. I was not gonna be held responsible for a moldy carpet.
Also the fact that your roommate can watch you... shower?
Would probably make me never want to shower,
What if she had friends over, and I didn't know?
Or what if you both wanted to take a shower-
Or what if you both wanted to take a shower AT
Or what if you both wanted to take a shower AT THE SAME
Or what if you both wanted to take a shower AT THE SAME TIME?
Or what if you both wanted to take a shower AT THE SAME TIME? [ door slam ]
The problem with these apartments,
Is that, the shower, was an afterthought,
And if something like a shower is an afterthought,
Then what else in the apartment was scrambled together just to make a quick buck?
[ short-circuit intensifies ]
The last apartment I'm gonna talk about,
Is the most ridiculous of the bunch?
This apartment looks all fancy and plush on the inside,
But secretly it's a hole of torture.
I can't tell you how many people want SO badly to get out of the contracts from this place.
The parking spaces are put SO close together,
That if your car wheel is on ANYWHERE on the line,
Your car will be towed.
They hide all these little fees in the price once you get a contract,
And when you check out of the apartment,
If there is any speck of dust or water on your counter,
You'll get fined.
"hMMM, No, it's not cleaned enough"
"But I scrubbed the sink for HOURS."
"Yeah, but did you see, uh...."
"Yeah, but did you see, uh... that?"
"The drop."
"Yeah, uh... This is not clean."
The apartment I ended up getting has been pretty great.
I have plenty of space for my equipment, despite having to share a room
There are NORMAL bathrooms, (YEE)
And my roommates are pretty chill.
It does have its flaws though. On the first night
I was just trying to get into bed when all of a sudden...
*instananeous p a i n*
*pain.mp3 is currently loading*
*pain.mp3 loaded.*
I slammed my shin, into a cinderblock holding it up.
That thing was super sharp. It literally took a chunk of flesh out of my leg. (Insert Roblox OOF.mp3 here:)
I took another look at my contract, and found that apparently, they will fine you
$45 per cinderblock, if they find them in your room.
"Huh? Well, that's oddly specific"
"Now, let's see how many I have... one, two, thre- frickin' eight?!"
Apparently the girl before me didn't even have a bed frame when she got into the room
so she was the one that put them there.
I asked the managers for a bed frame, and they sent me one.
But at this point I'm too lazy to put it up.
[ glass shattering ]
And besides, I don't want to have to move those cinder blocks,
That requires... effort?
Next girl that rents the place: Sorry, but now this is your problem.
Hopefully they don't fine me for it though.
Everything was going good with the apartment, until one night,
Towards the end of the semester, this happened.
[shgurr listening to "Without Me"]
Roommate: "Uhhh, heyyyy!"
Shgurr: "Hmm, what's up?"
Roommate: "Do you hear that?"
Shgurr: "Oh no."
[ water splashing ]
Shgurr: "Aw, you've got to be kidding me!"
Shgurr: "Where's the leak even coming from?"
Roommate: "What do we do? We've got to make it stop."
Shgurr: " I- I don't know. Try one of the levers?"
Shgurr: "Ah, now you see, it's slowing do-"
So my apartment kind of flooded, but luckily it wasn't our fault.
The apartment above us had turned on their washing machine,
And there was a problem with their pipes,
So it started to flood.
Somehow, no one heard the massive wave of water filling up their floor.
The pipe system for this building was made
BEFORE there was a written 'code' to follow.
So when the plumbers came over, they had a hard time navigating where the leak was,
But, luckily it got taken care of.
I only have one other problem with this apartment,
And it has nothing to do with the place itself.
I don't get much sleep at night, mainly because at 2:00 AM
This is what I hear,
[ squeaking ]
[ squeaking intensifies ]
[ please stop man ]
[ now it's just absurd ] (let's get physical as a squeaking version )
Someone likes to freakin' exercise at 2:00 AM in the morning!
Of all the times you could do it, could you not, do it at 2-
I-I am a freakin' "light sleeper" and it's really- ugh.
At least that's what I thought until, recently it sounds more like a
At least that's what I thought until, recently it sounds more like a bed squeaking. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I mean talk about rude. I want to join the pillow fight, too. (?)
So yeah, do you guys have any crazy apartment stories? Let me know in the comments below!
I'll be at VidCon 2018 as well as "Animanga" 2018, if you use the code "sugar18"
You'll get 15% off on your animanga ticket!
VidCon is coming up in a few weeks, and it's my first one. So I really don't know what to expect but,
I want lots of hugs, so find me, and I'll give you a hug, and we can chat and
Whatever. This video was supposed to come out, like, three months ago
But school just really got in the way. So I'm really sorry. I'll try to be better with my upload schedule this summer. So...
Thanks for watching the video. Bye!
[Subtitles by the community, namely
Initial: Indigen0us
Polishing: (oh hey, thanks for editing my stuff and removing my memes, put your name here in place of stuff. thanks.) Polished a little by Super Luigi World 27.

nooo the memes ):


Apartment Atrocities

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