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Hi guys,
welcome back to English with Max.
Today I just have a short video for you.
We are going to look at how to pronounce these three words.
We'll look at both the British and the American pronunciations.
Let's first look at the British pronunciation of this word: iron.
What is an iron?
This is an iron.
Iron is also the element with the chemical symbol Fe.
I'm not really into science, but my dad's a chemist so he'd probably be proud of me
for knowing that.
As you could probably hear, there is no “R” sound at all.
And this is also how we say it in Australia.
If you are familiar with phonetic symbols, you'll notice that there is no “R” here.
Yes, Frank, I know it's weird.
Americans, on the other hand, do pronounce the “R”, but be careful
because the “R” is not where many foreigners think it is.
Americans say something like “aiern”, they do not say “airen”.
Again: aiern.
I know, the English language is just bursting with logic.
What makes it more bizarre is that these words are pronounced “irony” and “ironic”.
Again. Say them after me: irony, ironic.
The American pronunciations are very similar, but the “o” in “ironic” is a little bit different.
Americans say something like “irahnic”, and not “ironic”.
That's all for today, everyone.
Let me know in the comments if you've ever found these words confusing.
Again, if you liked this video, please remember to click the thumbs up and share it with your friends.
Don't forget to follow me on social media, and remember to subscribe.
It would make Frank really happy.
See ya next time!
...with the chemical f...
...no, no, no...no, no, no...
...and ironic...
There's a kid outside.


【英語学習】発音編 iron, irony & ironic イギリス発音、アメリカ発音 (How to pronounce iron, irony & ironic (UK & US) | English Pronunciation )

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