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  • Haven't you ever had those times in your life where you just feel all consumed with tasting something again that you haven't had in years and years?


  • That's really what I'm doing here is bringing back those incredible desserts, those incredible experiences that have gone extinct.


  • I put myself through this process of resurrecting desserts because I truly feel that a good dessert can change the course of your day.

    デザートを復活させる理由は素晴らしいデザートは人の 1 日を変える力があると信じているからです。

  • I'm Valerie Gordon, owner of Valerie Confections, and I'm also a dessert anthropologist.

    私は Valerie Confections という店のオーナーのヴァレリー・ゴードンです。デザート人類学者として働ています。

  • The way this project of resurrecting historic desserts began was in 2009.

    「過去のデザートを復活させる」という試みの始まりは 2009 年、

  • The food editor from the Los Angeles Times magazine asked me to create a Blum's Koffee Krunch Cake for an article that she was doing.

    ロサンゼルス・マガジンのフードエディターにあることを頼まれたことにあります。それは Blum's という店の Koffee Krunch Cake を彼女が当時書いていた記事のために作るというものでした。

  • And it was this amazing full-circle moment, because I grew up with that cake; I know that cake, and I missed that cake terribly.


  • Blum's was an incredible bakery and cafe in California.

    Blum's はカリフォルニアにある素晴らしいベーカリーとカフェでした。

  • There were eight locations.

    8 店舗も展開していました。

  • The last one closed in the '80s.

    最後の店舗は 1980 年代に閉店してしまいました。

  • When the article came out, we literally received 125 phone calls from people going, "Oh my God, "I want this cake."

    その記事を掲載したところ、「そのケーキが欲しい」という電話が 125 本もありました。

  • The desserts that I've resurrected to date are, of course the Koffee Krunch Cake from Blum's.

    私は再現したデザートはもちろん Blum's の Koffee Krunch Cake もあります。

  • I've brought back the Banana Shortcake from Chasen's, the Brown Derby Grapefruit Cake is another cake that I've resurrected, and now soon to be the Cof-fiesta sundae, as well.

    また Chasen's の バナナショートケーキや、Brown Derby のグレープフルーツケーキなどもあります。そして今取り掛かっているのが、Cof-fiesta のサンデーです。

  • The anthropology of the dessert resurrection is really one of the most interesting parts of all of this.


  • I start the research process at the central library.


  • There is a room, and this is a very well-guarded room, called the Menu Vault.


  • There are menus that date back for 150 years.

    過去 150 年間のお店のメニューが保存されています。

  • I find that looking at the actual menus is so much more gratifying than just pulling something up online because you're really getting to the heart and soul of the place.


  • You're almost transported into that place at that time by holding something that these people held.


  • You really are.


  • Then I email a bunch of people, or I call a bunch of people who were natives to Los Angeles, or whatever city the bakery was in to find out, hey, do you remember this?


  • Do you remember that?


  • We always used to call this the adult sundae because this is the one my mom would eat.


  • This is the grownup sundae.


  • Can they describe the texture of a whipped cream?


  • Can they tell me whether there was vanilla in it, or not?


  • I'm pretty sure they did one basic recipe for whipped cream, and then flavored accordingly.


  • It was little kid whipped cream.


  • - One cherry. - Yes.


  • This is amazing.


  • Like, you have been indispensable.


  • I'm not particularly interested in retro.


  • It is about reliving those sense memories.


  • It's sort of like when you hear a song that was your favorite song from 1982, you're really thrown back into that moment.

    この感覚はその当時好きだった 1982 年の曲を聞くとその瞬間に巻戻る感覚と似ています。

  • It's become this very emotional, very fulfilling part of my job to bring these cakes back for people.


Haven't you ever had those times in your life where you just feel all consumed with tasting something again that you haven't had in years and years?


審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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