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I don't get this real wedding stuff.
I really don't... I don't understand it.
I never even watch my own wedding video, I ...
This wedding happens at 4:00 a.m. in L.A.
and not only are people here watching it,
they're holding royal wedding sleepover parties.
Groups of adults will be sleeping over each other's houses
to watch two people they've never met get married
6,000 miles away from here.
You think people in England had sleepover parties
when our royal couple, Jay-Z and beyonce, got married?
I doubt it.
Here's a tip. This can be very helpful in your life.
Send out an email,
right now inviting all of your friends to a royal wedding pajama party.
Everyone who says yes,
never speak to them again.
So many people are excited about this wedding.
I also wonder how much of that is real.
so this afternoon
we went out on the street, we asked pedestrians
what they thought of the royal wedding.
Of course it hasn't happened yet.
It's still hours away.
But did that stop people from telling us what they thought?
No, It did not.
In this "royal wedding edition of lie witness news"
We're talking to people of course about the royal wedding.
- The majesty, the beauty. - Yes.
Was it as gorgeous as you hoped it would be?
Yes, absolutely, absolutely.
Where did you watch the wedding?
Um... at my house.
Were you alone or with anyone?
I was with my nieces, yes.
Oh, what were your nieces saying about it?
We were just talking about how gorgeous it was,
and beautiful, and-- you know.
Was the royal wedding between Harry and Meghan
as spectacular as you dream it would be?
Yes, I loved it.
What did you think of that dress?
What did you think of that dress?
Stunning, beautiful stunning.
I mean, I can only imagine how heavy it must have been
but how gorgeous she must have felt in it,
and how amazing it must feel to be able to wear that many--
- Where... Where have you seen pictures of it? - Instagram.
Was it as beautiful as you had hoped?
I... I think it was.
I think Windsor is beautiful.
I think it's a beautiful place.
I think it's definitely as beautiful as I hoped.
- You're here on vacation? - I'm here with work.
Oh-- Where did you watch the wedding?
We watch it-- so we--
I've just been watching like-- streamed updates.
Was it as beautiful as you thought it would be?
I thought it would be a little more,
but it was nice.
Where did it fall short for you?
I thought it would be more--
extravagant, bigger.
It wasn't as big as, you know,
past royal weddings.
Due to the "Time's up" movement,
Meghan marrying into the royal family
would become the first woman
to join "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen".
- Yes. - Is it time?
Yes, it's pastime, actually, I think.
- Are women celebrating this moment?  - Exactly.
What are they saying about it?
Um... just that it's-- they're ex--
they're just excited that it is finally happening.
Finally a woman is in the "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"?
Yes, yes.
Of course everybody's talking about the queen's behavior.
Have you seen the clip of
her drinking the Beefeater gin out of her hat?  - Yes.
Do you think that may have something to do with
why she called Meghan's father a yankee doodle fatty?
Yes, I do.
Do you find that upsetting?
- Yes. - Why?
I believe that was very inappropriate.
I believe she should be held to a higher class, and...
- As the queen? -Yes.
- In light of the queen's behavior that you saw, - Uh huh.
is it time for them to take away her sword?
Or should she still be able to carry the sword?
I think she should still be able to carry it
until she can't anymore.
Did you see the footage of her poking little Georgie with it?
Yes, yes.
Meghan and Harry, of course, it's not the first time
a royal has married an American.
I'm sure You remember when princess Anne married slim pickings.
- Yes, yes, that was something. - Sorry, I'm sorry,
- archduke pickings. - Archduke, yes,
yes, many years ago.
Do you remember that wedding?
- Sort of, ha ha ha ha, yes. - Sort of.
Thanks for watching. If you like the video, click the SUBSCRIBE,
But if you didn't like it, would you hear my feelings?


Lie Witness News - Royal Wedding Edition

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