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Hey there!
Welcome to Life Noggin!
Sweat gets a bad rap.
It smells.
It’s sticky.
Some people think it’s just generally disgusting.
But you humans are programmed to sweat.
It’s an important bodily function that keeps you alive and healthy.
But what would happen if you never sweat?
The main purpose of sweating is to cool down the body when it starts to heat up.
The millions of sweat glands in your body produce as much as 14 liters of liquid a day.
When this sweat is secreted through your pores and evaporated into the air, your body begins
to cool down and your overall body temperature returns to normal.
So, if you didn’t have the ability to sweat, you’d have a really difficult time cooling yourself.
You’d be hot and flushed a lot of the time and ice baths would probably become your best friend
which sounds like a horrible best friend!
Typically, when someone gets too hot, their hypothalamus sends a message to their sweat
glands to begin the cooling process.
But some people literally cannot sweat, and therefore, can’t regulate their body temperature properly.
This condition is called anhidrosis and causes muscle cramps, physical weakness, dizziness
and more serious problems like heat exhaustion and heat strokes.
For people with this disorder, even being outside when it’s 27 degrees celsius can
be deadly!
If you never sweat, you’d need to be super careful in warm climates, when exercising,
at the beach, even just in your day to day life to make sure you don’t overheat.
You’d also need to be super conscious of your overall health if you didn’t sweat.
If you got sick and had a fever, you wouldn’t be able to just sweat it out to bring your
body temperature back to normal.
But on the plus side, if you didn’t sweat, you’d probably smell nice...?
Which I guess is good...?
What do I smell like?
Oh, I don't have a nose.
Sweat is made of water, sodium, urea, ammonia and a few other things, but sweat itself doesn’t actually smell.
There are two types of sweat glands - apocrine and eccrine.
When sweat from the apocrine glands is mixed with bacteria that lives in your armpits and
groin, that’s when the smell begins.
Sweat from the eccrine glands doesn’t interact with bacteria, so it doesn’t smell.
No interaction of sweat and bacteria means no BO.
This inability to sweat can be caused by a number of things like skin conditions, certain
diseases like Parkinson’s or alcoholism, genetics, and medications.
To determine whether you have this condition, doctors may perform a pretty weird test called
a thermoregulatory sweat test.
They cover you in a special powder that changes colors in places you sweat and then put you
in a chamber to increase your body temperature and analyze how your body perspires.
Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie if you ask me.
Treatment varies depending on the severity and any underlying factors but it typically
involves cooling the body through liquid intake, loose clothing, and air conditioning.
But in extreme cases like severe heat exhaustion or heat stroke, immediate medical attention
is crucial.
So what other bodily functions are you curious about?
Let us know down in the comment section below, or tell us, what should we talk about next?
Water is essential to the production of sweat.
But what happens if we run out of it? Water that is.
Our very good friends at Above The Noise tackle this in one of their latest videos.
Check it out, subscribe, and let them know Blocko sent you!
You might even see a special cameo from someone extremely handsome.
It’s me.
I’m in the video.
As always, my name is Blocko.
This has been Life Noggin.
Don't forget to Keep on Thinking!



もし汗をかかないとどうなる??? (What If You Never Sweat?)

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Evangeline 2018 年 8 月 12 日 に公開    Leonard 翻訳    Yukiko チェック



evaporate は動詞で、「蒸発する、気化する;消滅する」の意味があります。
The sun soon evaporated the morning fog.

Tammy's joy suddenly evaporated after hearing the bad news. .

這個單字依照上下文,この単語は、前後の内容にもよりますが、名詞、動詞、形容詞になります。名詞、動詞では「筋肉の攣り」という意味で、前に menstrual/period (生理期の) を加え、menstrual/period cramps となり、女性の生理痛のことをさします。
The menstrual cramps were so painful that I almost passed out.

医学的な用法以外には,cramp 形容詞にもなり「窮屈な;息苦しい」の意味も持ちます。
The cramped working space didn't allow the company to recruit new people.

3heat stroke 1:13
heat (熱) プラス stroke (発作),これは暑い夏によく見聞きする、「熱中症、日射病」の意味です,もし heat の後ろに違う名詞を加えると,熱による不快な症状を表すこともできます!例:heat exhaustion (熱疲労、熱バテ)、heat cramp (熱痙攣) 。
Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to prevent heat stroke.

これは body odor の省略で,意味は「体臭」,英語では匂いの種類がたくさんあります, 例:stench (悪臭)、stink (悪臭、異臭),また odor は「身体から放たれる匂い」。
There is an-unmistakable smell of B.O. on the over-crowded MRT.
満員の MRT (台北地下鉄) では間違いなく体臭の匂いがする。

The stench of burning plastic is repulsive.

perspire は動詞で,意味は「汗をかく」, -pire はみなさん知っているかもしれません,例えば inspire (激励する)、aspire (熱望する)、expire (満了する、終了する) どれも関連のある単語です!
The crowd started to perspire in the heat due to the hot weather.

それ以外では,perspire の名詞は perspiration,汗をかくという意味以外に,「努力」の意味もあります,偉大な発明家——エジソン (Thomas Edison) の言葉にこういったものがあります ,こういう使い方をされています!
Genius is 99 percent perspiration and 1 percent inspiration.


文/ Arissa Wang
訳/ Yukiko




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