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Nearly 7,000 candidates are running for parliament here in Iraq.
And after the winners are chosen
the new government including the Prime Minister and president will be selected.
It is the first election since Islamic state militants were all but completely driven out of Iraq.
Giving many hope for recovery under a newly-formed leadership. 
Many people we talked to here say they are dispirited by decades of wars and economic crises.
Some say they do not plan to vote
because they believe their system is so corrupt that new politicians won't make a difference.
Yes it's a desperate situation.
Nothing will be changed.
The results are already settled for the ones that are famous for corruption.
But some candidates say replacing old politicians is the only way to address some of the public's most pressing needs:
jobs, security, and economic growth.
I want to wage war against the corruption.
We have more corruption than we should in the parliament and the government facilities. 
Some analysts say alliances have shifted internationally and within Iraq.
And the new Parliament will have a difficult time agreeing on a new government.
 Traditionally, Iraq's top leadership not only has to have support from within
but from international powers like the United States and Iran:
both Iraqi allies and international rivals.
Security is expected to be tight here in the coming days and through the elections as militants have made threats against the polls.
But locals say they are not afraid here because after the near defeat of Islamic state militants last year,
they say they feel safer than they have in years. 
Reporting from Baghdad in Iraq, I'm Heather Murdoch, VOA news.



イラク選挙:新時代となるか? (First Post-IS Iraq Elections: New Era or Same Old Scene?)

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