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(upbeat music)
- Hi everyone, it's your girl,
Jen and welcome back today!

I have a fresh episode
of favorites for you

and honestly I think I
am one of the few people

who still do monthly favorites
and I gotta tell you,

I need to thank you guys
so much for watching them.

I think that's the only reason
why I continue to film them.

But regardless, I've got all
my favorites in a row for you

so let's get started.
So I'm gonna start with
a fashion favorite first.

Here is this gorgeous
tote from Oak + Fort.

I had the pleasure of visiting
their store in Vancouver

and I picked this bag up there.
This is such a chic vegan leather purse
and I love that I can just
dump all my belonging in there.

I am constantly on the go
and I just have a lot of stuff with me,
like my vlogging camera, my makeup bag,
accessories if I'm going to a shoot.
So I just wanted one large
container to store everything.

There is a little magnetic enclosure
so it secures your belongings
and it just matches with everything.
And I just love how universal it is.
Next up I have a book favorite.
As you guys know I love
sharing with you guys

what books I've read or
audiobooks I've listened to

and that's why I'm so proud to announce
that this video is in
partnership with Audible.

For those who don't know what Audible is,
it is a service that has
an unmatched selection

of audiobooks, podcasts,
shows, new, broadcasters,

just anything in their arena.
They have such a wide
selection of everything.

So one audiobook that I
finished was The Book Of Joy

by the Dali Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu,
and Douglas Abrams.
I am continuing my journey
on just bettering myself

and I love to consume enriching content
that is nourishing for my soul.
And since it's still the beginning of 2018
it's not too late to hop on
the new year, new you train

and this book just came
at such a great time.

This was highly recommended
to me by Amy and Oprah,

two very important women in my life
and so I knew I had to listen to it.
So this book is a conversation
between two huge spiritual
leaders in the world,

the Dali Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
They are really great friends
and for the Dali Lama's 80th birthday
they decided to get together
because this is probably the
last time they'll ever meet

and they wanted to have a
conversation about finding joy

in a world full of suffering.
And Douglas Abrams was there
to help guide the conversation

and write the book.
And it was so enlightening
and one of my favorite
quotes from the book was.

These days the idea of giving
back to my sphere of reach

is so important and this
book just reminded me

to stay kind, stay empathetic,
and to care about the
wellbeing of other people.

Anyway there are a ton
of more amazing lessons

that I've learned from this book
and I highly recommend
that you listen to it.

Fee free to use my URL,
which is audible.com/clothes.
You get a free audiobook and
a 30 day trial membership,

so definitely take advantage of it.
If you're more of a texter,
you can text clothes to
500-500 or just use my URL

it's audible.com slash C-L-O-T-H-E-S.
If this book doesn't interest you at all,
there are so many other books
that you can listen to on there.
They have a huge selection
from sci-fi, business,

like romance, history,
classics, everything.

Their library is your oyster
so please go check it out.

Moving on to an accessory
that I've been loving,

here are these heart locket
earrings from Peter Do.

I thought that they were fitting
for Valentine's Day season

because they're hearts
and they're so functional.

You can open them and you
can actually print out

a photo of people or things that you love.
I'm thinking about putting
a picture of Cheeky on here

because she's always on my mind.
Or I can have Ben on the other side too.
You can wear them like both open.
You can wear one open, one closed.
Just depending on how you feel,
you can kind of adjust
the earrings accordingly.

And they are very high quality
which means that they're a
little bit more of an investment

but I'm at a point in my life
where I would just
rather invest in jewelry

that I know won't just
deteriorate in a year.

Next up I want to announce my
very first artist favorite.

I wanted to put the
spotlight on Takashi Murakami

because I had the honor of
meeting him in real life

in Vancouver in February
and it was such a once
in a lifetime experience

getting to meet him and look
at his art in the flesh.

It was just incredible.
His exhibition is called
The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg

and he named it this because he admitted
that he's very critical of his own work
and this is like just a
comprehensive collection

of all his work that he's done
in the past, in the present,

and so when he saw all of it
he said it just looked like
an octopus eating its own leg.

And being at that show was
just really inspiring for me

because there was a point in
my life when I loved to paint.

This was in middle school and high school,
because I've always had such
difficulty expressing myself

through words, especially
writing and speaking.

And so that's why a big release
for me was through imagery

and I have always loved cartoons
and flat imagery that
still has lots of depth

and I feel like Murakami's
work really embodies that.

And so after I got back from Vancouver
it inspired me to go to
a paint and sip class

with my brother and I
ended up painting again

and it felt really, really good.
I'm definitely gonna go do more of them.
But anyway if you're in Vancouver
I highly recommend you guys
go check out the exhibition.

It is playing like now till
like March I want to say,

so you still got some time.
A pair of pants that
I've been wearing nonstop

have been the Late Shift Trouser by Eggie,
which is my clothing line.
And no, I'm not just plugging this in
because it's my clothing line.
I have been really,
genuinely wearing these pants

pretty often and it's because these days
I just really don't feel like
squeezing into skinny jeans.

I love that these pants
are just kind of like a shape shifter.
They can be formal if you want them to
but casual if you're more
in the mood for that.

With the chain it looks super bad-ass,
but without you just
look like you're wearing

a nice formal trouser.
And these are super-soft,
very comfortable,

and they're a little bit stretchy
so if you eat a lot it
will expand to your stomach

which is always a plus for me.
So my last favorite is a
lecture by Charlie Kaufman

and he is the writer of my
favorite film of all time

which is Eternal Sunshine
Of The Spotless Mind.

He also wrote Being John Malkovich,
which is also an incredible movie.
But yeah, he did a talk on
how to write a screenplay,

but there's so much more depth
that comes out of that talk.

It's around 41 minutes
so it's pretty lengthy

but it is truly one of
the most honest talks

that I've ever listened to
and after listening to it
there's like so many times

where I just kept nodding my
head and agreeing with him.

And he touches a lot on his insecurities
and his need to be liked
and feeling disgusting
because he wants to be liked.

And I like that he admits
things that most people

won't admit to, but feel.
And I love that he explains
when you are creating meaningful
art, you have to be naked.

You have to be vulnerable
and it's inspiring me to
push myself to create content

that is more meaningful, more vulnerable,
and more relatable for you guys
because I can do a
video on like a lookbook

and all that stuff, and
I do still enjoy that,

but these day I feel like I'm
trying to create more content

that comes from deeper within my soul.
And it is a process
that I am learning to do

and I just feel like this talk
was just really nourishing
for my mind and soul.

And I really would love for
you guys to listen to it.

I will leave a link in
the description box,

so please go check it out.
All right guys, that is a
wrap on my February favorites.

As always please comment down
what has inspired you
in the month of February

in the comments down below.
Or just tell me how you're doing.
I truly love listen to
what you guys have to say

and how you guys are
and I just want to thank you
guys so much for watching.

And I'll see you guys in the next one.
(mellow music)


February Favorites 2018

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